Are Sasha Banks & Naomi Returning to WWE? WWE SummerSlam Reactions - Knotfest Wrestling

Are Sasha Banks & Naomi Returning to WWE? WWE SummerSlam Reactions - Knotfest Wrestling

It was a busy weekend for wrestling fans and I'll try to recap some of the fun here on Knotfest Wrestling and talk about what wrestling fans have to look forward to. Before we dive in, I want to mention that tonight at 7pm eastern, hosts Alicia Atout, Colin Young, and Jordan Olds will be talking about this entire insane weekend on the Knotfest Youtube page in the video below.

Let's jump right in.

Sasha Banks and Naomi Reportedly Returning to WWE?

Tonight's RAW is the first Raw of the new Triple H-era. While Triple H took over last week, plans were already in place for Summerslam, so there was only so much that could be changed. But tonight's RAW will be treated like a soft season premiere.

There were two different reports that RAW is expected to be a really loaded show, from both Fightful and WrestleVotes.

As if that wasn't enough, reported "an agreement has been reached for Sasha Banks and Naomi to return to . There is a belief backstage that we may see them return on tonight's show or in the near future under Triple H's regime."

On Wrestling Observer Live earlier today, reporter Bryan Alvarez acknowledged the report saying "I am not 100 percent confirming this, but since everybody is asking about it, I do have one source who is saying that, 'Yes, Sasha and Naomi have made a deal to return.' So we'll know more I'm sure within two hours. But I'll just say I think it's true. I'm pretty sure. But I can't say 100 percent."

These rumors are further fueled by the return of Dakota Kai, a Triple H-favorite that was released earlier this year during a round of cuts. She returned aligned with Bayley and Iyo Skye (the former Io Shirai).

Speaking of which…

WWE Summer Slam was pretty awesome

WWE was looking to make a splash with the biggest party of the summer, and I think they succeeded. The show had many moments worth talking about, especially that demolition derby of a main event between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

If you missed it, Lesnar came out with a tractor, and boy did he use it. He lifted the dang ring with it, in a spot I had never seen before:

The ending was incredible. Roman had to stack anything and everything he could find to keep Brock down. Truly a memorable last man standing match.

Logan Paul definitely over-delivered in his match against the Miz, and even got the crowd to cheer for him by the end of the match. As a wrestling fan who had no opinion of Paul before this, it was very impressive. Here's a highlight reel he put together.

Street Profits had an incredible entrance, but unfortunately, they couldn't win the tag team titles. I can't understand why they wouldn't put the titles on the Profits, unless they plan to split them up tonight. Otherwise, they looked like total herbs.

Also, in one of the cooler moments of the night, Edge returned in full Brood nostalgia. And that new shirt design! Edge returned to help Rey and Dominick Mysterio defeat the Judgment Day.

Overall, Summer Slam was definitely an enjoyable show.

I'll be back in the middle of the week, recapping Raw and going over any breaking news from that event. You can always follow me @robinjection on Instagram and Twitter and @Squaredcirclpit

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