Blumhouse Teams Up With WWE for Series About Vince McMahon

Blumhouse Teams Up With WWE for Series About Vince McMahon

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

The drama series will focus on the WWE's doping allegations in the 90s, which McMahon vehemently fought against

Entertainment icon Vince McMahon helped take wrestling from the regional scene to the mainstream after taking over WWE from his father in 1982. But in the 90s, the CEO faced charges of supplying his wrestling stars with steroids, a dark chapter in the company's history despite McMahon eventually being acquitted.

None other than head horror honchos Blumhouse are now producing a limited drama series about the scandal, titled The United States Of America Vs. Vince McMahon. The series supposedly marks the first scripted portrayal of McMahon and several other prominent WWE figures.

WWE’s executive producer and chief of global television distribution, Kevin Dunn, has called it "one of the most pivotal moments in our company's history." It'll be interesting to see just how Blumhouse takes their signature brand and applies it to this particular story, and since this is still early on and production has yet to begin, there's sure to be much speculation over who will play McMahon, as well as another prominent part of the doping trial, Hulk Hogan.

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