Colin Young and Jordan Olds pay tribute to the life and legacy of Scott Hall

Colin Young and Jordan Olds pay tribute to the life and legacy of Scott Hall

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest episode of We're Knot Wrestlers delves into the wrestler's legendary ladder match, founding the N.W.O. at W.C.W. and how he was both a heel and hero at the same time.

On Monday, the world of professional wrestling was dealt a major loss.

Scott Hall, the man that rose to stardom in the then WWF as "Razor Ramon", would go onto conquer the WCW with Kevin Nash as the duo "The Outsiders" and eventually as a collective with Hulk Hogan in the nWo - died of complications from hip surgery at the age of 63.

Hulk Hogan summed up what the world felt upon hearing the news, "Bad times don't last but bad guys do ... So for the original bad guy who took Hulk Hogan and taught 'Hollywood' how to be a bad guy, I've gotten nothing but love."

Among the accolades amassed by Hall in his storied career, he was a two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee that is regarded as one of the most charismatic heels in the history of the sport. He would win the WWF Intercontinental title four times - one of those victories was his legendary ladder match at Wrestlemania X against "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. (Fully embracing his role as "The Bad Guy", Hall as Razor Ramon even walked underneath the ladder during his stage entrance, flouting superstition with his signature smirk)

During his tenure with WCW, Hall won the tag team titles seven times, six with his cohort Kevin Nash. Hall also earned the United States Heavyweight championship twice and served as the World Television title holder.

More impactful than the titles Hall earned throughout his career however, was the legacy the wrestler established as such a charismatic performer in the arena.

In the latest episode of the Knotfest series We're Knot Wrestlers, Jordan Olds and AEW's Colin Young dissect what was undisputedly Hall's lasting legacy. More than a gifted athlete and revolutionary figure in the sport, Hall's career is examined through the prism of his ability to become wrestling's most beloved heel. In the conversation, Young explains, "Razor Ramon is a dickhead and the crowd is chanting, 'Razor, Razor, Razor'".

The conversation digs into the career milestones of Scott Hall, his undeniably prowess as a wrestler both physically and from a performative standpoint and highlights some of the important talking points often glazed over when assessing his impact - like how Hall's (combined with Kevin Nash) charisma, prompted a legend like Hulk Hogan to do what he said he never would, in turning heel.

Watch the latest episode of the Knotfest Series We're Knot Wrestlers with Jordan Olds and Colin Young below.

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