Corey Taylor now has a 'CMFT' wrestling game

Corey Taylor now has a 'CMFT' wrestling game

- By Ramon Gonzales

The browser-based game gives fans the chance to duke it out in the squared circle for the CMFT belt.

Still riding a wave of momentum from his recent solo debut release, CMFT, Corey Taylor has taken the wrestling esthetic of the new record and leveled up.

The 'CMFT' belt is now up for grabs in a browser-based video game, "Battle for the Belt." Featuring characters that all play off song titles, like Billy "Black Eyes" Blue, Culturehead, and Howie 666, the game naturally features Corey Mother Fucking Taylor himself all squaring off for a shot at the title.

The game features tracks from the album as the soundtrack for the battles in the squared circle like "Meine Lux," "Culture Head" and "HWY 666" through Spotify or Apple Music.

Access the 'CMFT' wrestling game - HERE
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