Hell Bent for Destruction: Circle 6 Crowns the King of the Deathmatch

Hell Bent for Destruction: Circle 6 Crowns the King of the Deathmatch

- By Ramon Gonzales

Wrestling's renegades took over Don Quixote in Los Angeles and transformed the storied venue into the House of Doom for a night of blood and bedlam.

To close out the year, indie wrestling disruptors Circle 6 hosted a 12-man King of the Deathmatch tourney that transformed LA's Don Quixote into a real-life House of Doom. Equipped with a steel cage, what seemed like thousands of light tubes and a cache of sharp objects, steel chairs and even a coffin, the scene was pure destruction as the match card unfolded over the weekend.
Featuring speciality matches like Barbed Wire Bundles, Ultraviolet Baptism and the Dog Collar Deathmatch, the violence that ensued satiated the capacity crowd as blood spilled and bodies splayed. The 12-man bracket saw six initial matches, with a field of three ultimately moving onto the House of Doom.
With the mayhem spilling over into the crowd, off the balcony and well beyond the confines of the ring, the fans intent on seeing destruction got their dose and then some with the King of the Deathmatch, Bobby Beverly being crowned after some 10 sadistically devised bouts.
Photographer Maurice Nunez was on hand to capture the chaos. See the gallery of images below. Watch the King of the Deathmatch replay via Fite TV - HERE
For more information on Circle 6 and their next event scheduled for January 12th in Brooklyn, NY, visit them online - HERE


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