MLW Champ Alex Hammerstone Wants To Team with Danzig, Reveals Dream Match Scenario with Triple H on Squared Circle Pit

MLW Champ Alex Hammerstone Wants To Team with Danzig, Reveals Dream Match Scenario with Triple H on Squared Circle Pit

- By Rob Pasbani

Squared Circle Pit is back and host Rob Pasbani is joined by the MLW World Champion, Alexander Hammerstone, to talk all things rock and wrestling.

Hammerstone discusses how he got into pro wrestling, his love of rock, and playing drums as a kid, he shows off his guitars and discusses legends he would've loved to get in the ring with.

During the conversation, Hammerstone revealed the first band he really fell in love with was Blink-182. But his favorite band is The Strokes. He mostly discovers new music on Pandora and Youtube. When he was growing up, he had a drum set, and played in a bunch of different bands because of the lack of available drummers in his area. He currently sticks to guitar, and has a few Explorers hanging on his wall, which he showed off.

Listen to the episode here.

On how he got into wrestling:
"I got into wrestling when I was eight years old or so. I don't have some story like, you know, getting hit in the head with a coconut or I don't remember any specific moment like that. But I think I started watching Shotgun Saturday Night or whatever was on late on public television because we didn't have cable. So I remember guys like Gangrel being like a main event star because he was like the main event or those shows, you know, but I think the first things that obviously captured my love for it was probably DX, you know, and the crotch chop and the "suck it." And obviously Stone Cold and the Rock but probably a DX is like the biggest thing that was like this so cool. We would sit there drawing the DX jerseys and things like that."

On the best matches of his career so far:
"I think the best matches I've ever had are Davey Richards and Jacob Fatu. Me and Fatu have a rematch scheduled for MLW. We have not had a singles match in the company since I defeated him for the World Heavyweight Championship. We have a rematch scheduled for the Heavyweight Championship coming up in the next couple of months, which is going to be on REELZ, got to plug that. So that's very exciting. Because the last time we wrestled I suffered a very severe injury about halfway through the match and had to finish the match on basically one foot. Despite people telling me to this day that that's one of the best matches I've seen are the best MLW match or their favorite match or whatever they tell me, it's all very nice, but I have a bad taste in my mouth. Because I felt like that could have been so much more. And to this day… I finished that match, and I was just disappointed. And maybe I shouldn't have been, maybe it should have been an even cooler moment. Like I overcame this hurdle or the struggle, but I just felt disappointed. So to be able to have a rematch coming up against him, knowing the chemistry we have together knowing how incredible of a wrestler he is and what he's capable of. I'm expecting that to be the best match my career up to this point."

On which legends he would’ve liked to have gotten in the ring with:
Maybe, Kurt Angle is prime. Chris Jericho in is prime, not to say that he's not still doing incredible stuff. Shawn Michaels, or, and this is one that up until a couple years ago, I still had it in my head that was a possibility. It's Triple H because I was a huge fan of Triple H growing up. And you know if you notice for a couple of years what Triple H did was when a new guy got the company that was kind of under his wing, he'd build to a big WrestleMania match with them, like with Batista. He did it with Sheamus, he did it with a couple of guys. And I was like, oh, maybe I'll get signed in time, go to there and I'll be the guy and I'll wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania, but you know obviously that ship sailed.

Watch Hammerstone on MLW Underground on Tuesdays at 10pm on REELZ.

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