Vince McMahon Plotting WWE Comeback As More Allegations Surface; Plus Updates on Sasha Banks, William Regal, and more Wrestling News

Vince McMahon Plotting WWE Comeback As More Allegations Surface; Plus Updates on Sasha Banks, William Regal, and more Wrestling News

- By Rob Pasbani

Columnist Rob Pasbani has a huge update to catch you up on all the massive news stories in the wrestling world this weekend.

In July of this year, Wall Street Journal dropped an explosive report that Vince McMahon was under investigation by the WWE board of directors and was revealed to have paid nearly $20 million to four women in hush money, some of which were on-screen talent. This led to Vince resigning a few weeks later, for the company's betterment with Triple H put in charge of creative, and Stephanie McMahon being named co-CEO with Nick Khan. Today, a new report from the Wall Street Journal states Vince has been telling friends he's ready to mount a comeback.

According to the Journal, McMahon said he initially received what he called "bad advice" from people close to him to resign and he believes the allegations would've blown over. This was merely a footnote in a larger report that notes two new women are suing McMahon on allegations of sexual abuse.

The first is Rita Chatterton, the first woman referee in WWE (then WWF) in the 80s. Chatterton had gone on record 30 years ago saying she was fired after McMahon prepositioned her to give him oral sex and she went through with it. Two people, including Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, vouch for Chatterton that she discussed the incident with them contemporaneously. The other accusation is a previously unreported incident by a former spa manager at a California resort, who claims McMahon assaulted her in 2011.

These claims were filed in New York and California, which have recently opened up a one year window allowing victims to file sex abuse lawsuits based on decades-old claims.

Will McMahon return to WWE? Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful notes that he spoke to numerous "WWE higher ups" and they were not interested in a Vince McMahon return. Vince still owns 38% of all WWE stock and 81% of all voting units. This has the makings of a really huge, developing story. We will keep you posted.

In what can only be considered great timing, Vice TV will be airing a two hour documentary tonight called "The 9 Lives of Vince McMahon" about the various crimes he was able to get away with. Here's a trailer:

Highlights from this weekend.

Ring of Honor and NXT had big shows and Raw was last night, here are a few highlights.

Go out of your way to see The Briscoes vs. FTR in a double dog collar match:

A very unique finish to the ROH World Title match:

On NXT Deadline, New Day and Pretty Deadly offered this new spin on the classic Eddie Guerrero spot. The whole match is worth watching.

The Iron Survivor Challenge was also a really fun match:

Kevin Owens had this hilarious promo with Elias:

Judgment Day continue to have great chemistry:

Alexa Bliss continues to tease her Bray Wyatt-turn

More outlets are confirming Friday's report that Sasha Banks will be making her New Japan Pro Wrestling debut on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome, and has multiple dates on the calendar. Banks will likely perform under the moniker “Mercedes Mone’.” Meltzer says she will be the highest-paid per-date performer they have ever brought in, more than even Chris Jericho.

AEW made a HUGE hire on the production end – Michael Mansury, the former Vice President of Global Television Production for WWE. He's been hanging out backstage and his first official day is tomorrow under the role of Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer. Bryan Alvarez reports that people from WWE were the first to reach out to him about the hire, noting this might be AEW's biggest get since Chris Jericho. Mansury was once pegged to be the heir apparent to longtime WWE executive producer Kevin Dunn, before Mansury quit the company a few years ago.

William Regal has been confirmed to start back in WWE the first week of January in a Vice President role. reports that Brock Lesnar vs. Gunther is planned for WrestleMania. reports that Matt Riddle was written off TV last week because he failed a second drug test and is on his way to rehab, and is expected to be out six weeks. This is apparently his second drug test failure, with his first around the time of SummerSlam, allegedly. No word on what drug he failed the test for, but it was noted that WWE no longer tests for marijuana, so that could be ruled out.

Shotzi said she will be out of action for six weeks.

Ring of Honor's weekly TV show will be streaming on their own on-demand service, Honor Club, which will be $10 a month. PPVs will be posted 90 days after airing and you will get access to the entire ROH vault.

Karl Anderson, who is under contract to WWE currently, and is scheduled to fight in New Japan Pro Wrestling tonight, will also be on the card for New Japan's big January 4th show, WrestleKingdom.

Here's an interesting article about how Rockstar Games almost made a video game for ECW.

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