Chevelle drop riff heavy second single “Peach”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 29, 2021

The band’s Cosmos-obsessed LP, NIRATIAS (Nothing Is Real And This Is A Simulation) arrives March 5th.

Chevelle have been on a tear as of recent leading up to the March 5th release of their space-centric LP, NIRATIAS (Nothing Is Real And This Is A Simulation).

Earlier this month, the band debut the introductory track from the album with “Self Destructor” and now the band has provided a quick follow up with the second serving of th riff heavy “Peach”.

In an interview with Loudwire Nights, frontman Pete Loeffller explained his affinity for all things interstellar and how it crept into the content of the music.

“It has a lot of space to it, a lot of interstellar travel to it. You’ve got Elon Musk trying to get to Mars and that was completely fascinating to me so when I write lyrics, it’s just kind of made its way in there. As you’ll see with the cover, it’s sort of space themed as well.

Loeffler continued, “I love the idea of the cosmos and I love Carl Sagan and Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson and all these people that look beyond and look to the future. Getting off this planet is part of that future if we can do it. It’s funny when you started to delve into it how difficult that really is. How are you gonna deal with radiation out in a spaceship for nine months or longer than that? It’s fascinating. It just made its way into the music.”

Working with producer Joe Barresi, NIRATIAS follows the band’s 2016 LP, The North Corridor. Armed with keen songwriting and groove latent punch, both “Self Destructor” and now “Peach” assert the band is on top of thirty game.


Niratias tracklisting
1. Verruckt 
2. So Long, Mother Earth 
3. Mars Simula 
4. Sleep The Deep 
5. Self Destructor 
6. Piistol Star (Gravity Heals) 
7. Vvurmhole 
8. Peach 
9. Test Test…Enough 
10. Endlessly 
11. Remember When 
12. Ghost And Razor 
13. Lost In Digital Woods