Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho cause of death revealed

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on March 5, 2021

The venerated guitarist and songwriter passed away in December of 2020 at just 41 years young.

The world lost an inimitable talent when former Children of Bodom visionary Alexi Laiho passed away back in December of 2020. Despite his struggle with medical issues, there is now a definitive cause of death that took the creative force at just 41 years of age.

In a statement shared to his social media platform, Alexi’s ex-wife (though she asserts still legally married under Finnish Law) Kimberly Goss revealed that Alexi passed from “alcohol-induced degeneration of the liver”. The statement also shares that at the time of his passing, he had opioids, as well as pain and insomnia medication in his system.

“This morning I received the final forensic report with the official cause of Alexi’s passing. As his legal widow, I am privy to this information. The certificate reads in Finnish, “Alkoholin aiheuttama maksan rasvarappeutuminen ja haiman sidekudostuminen”. The English translation is, “Alcohol-induced degeneration of the liver and pancreas connective tissue”. Furthermore, he had a cocktail of painkillers, opioids and insomnia medication in his system.”

At the time of his death, the initial reports are that Laiho succumbed to long-term health issues, though now the details are much more specific.

Laiho’s standing as one of metal music’ most revered guitarist is supported by a career with Children of Bodom that spanned two decades and ten full length studio albums. Prior to his passing, Laiho was working on his latest iteration of the project in Bodom After Midnight.

Among the last recordings of Laiho talents prior to his passing, Bodom After Midnight had completed three tracks which will now comprise of the posthumous EP release, Paint the Sky with Blood. The three-track offering includes a rendition of Dissection’;s “Where Dead Angels Lie” and showcases the final songs written by Alexi – punctuating a storied career.

The EP arrives April 23rd via Napalm Records and can be pre-ordered- HERE