Corey Taylor unveils video for “Samantha’s Gone” from his ‘Forum or Against ‘Em’ performance

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 20, 2020

The rousing rock cut is the latest to be featured from the frontman’s critically-lauded solo debut, CMFT.

Just last month Corey Taylor showcased the live translation of his solo debut, CMFT, with a arena-scaled live streaming spectacle from the hallowed grounds of The Forum in Los Angeles.

The show, as was the album, were universally praised by both fans and critics alike and asserting Taylor’s voice as an authority in world of rock music.

The performance featured Taylor’s CMFT LP in it’s entirety and included a handful of Slipknot as well as Stone Sour tracks, underscoring the versatility that remains unique to the frontman.

This week, Taylor has released a video from the performance of the track “Samantha’s Gone” from his monumental global streaming event, Forum or Against Em.

The footage serves to reiterate the impact of the album that thus far has put Taylor in a league all his own. That’s no superlative either. With the single ‘Black Eyes Blue,” Taylor managed to secure #1 on the Active Rock Radio charts making him the only artist in history to secure #1 with three different projects – Slipknot, Stone Sour, and now all his own, Corey Taylor.

Watch the video from The Forum for “Samantha’s Gone” from Corey Taylor below.