Deathgrave fuse deathgrind and kink with stop motion animated clip for "On All Fours" - Knotfest

Deathgrave fuse deathgrind and kink with stop motion animated clip for “On All Fours”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on May 10, 2023

Extreme metal and fetishism collide as Deathgrave preps for their spring trek with Necrot and Mortiferum.

Northern California extreme metal horde Deathgrave have added to the breadth of their latest campaign with the arrival of a subversive new visual from the album, It’s Only Midnight. The band’s sophomore album landed last month via Tankcrimes and was introduced with the depraved first offering, “Your Rulers Are Here”.

Headed by Greg Wilkinson of Autopsy and flanked by bassist Fern Alberts, vocalist Andre Cornejo and the most recent addition in Clint Zane behind the kit, the band’s latest full length serves as their first showing since 2018’s So Real It’s Now. Returning to form, It’s Only Midnight reiterates the band signature amalgam of extreme deathgrind and punk sensibilities, loaded with a sick sense of humor.

While the first single from the album married an ode to the local watering hole with an alien invasion of Lovecraftian proportions, the second video from the project uses stop motion animation for an entry into fetishism.

The exploration into a very specific kind of kink came from a chance encounter that vocalist Andre Cornejo recalls in very vivid detail, “I have an old friend that used to work at a really cool sex shop that sold all sorts of interesting products. The spot was located around the block from where I had band practice so I would arrive to the area early and bring lunch for the two of us and I would be treated to the increasingly wild stories of my friend’s time working at this spot.”

Cornejo continues, “There was one occasion I was perusing the book section and pulled out an instructional book on training someone to be a dog. It was very extensive and while flipping through the mind-blowing contents of this tome, I noticed I was being watched by a couple standing nearby that seemingly approved of my reading selection by whispering ‘good choice; while directing eyes to the book. ‘On All Fours’ was inspired by the rollercoaster of possibilities that flooded my imagination and the fun that took place discussing said possibilities of that memorable day at the sex shop.” 

The latest entry from Deathgrave lands as the band prepare to embark on spring trek with Necrot and Mortiferum. The run begins May 12th in Los Angeles and wraps later the same month in Oakland. A full list of dates and cities can be found below.

It’s Only Midnight from Deathgrave is currently available via Tankcrimes. Order the album – HERE


5/11/2023 Bombays – Ventura, CA

w/ Necrot, Mortiferum:
5/12/2023 Brick by Brick – San Diego, CA
5/13/2023 1720– Los Angeles, CA
5/14/2023 Nile Underground – Mesa, AZ
5/15/2023 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
5/16/2023 Hi Dive – Denver, CO
5/17/2023 Ace’s High Saloon – Salt Lake City, UT

5/18/2023 Holland Project – Reno, NV (w/ Mortiferum only)

5/19/2023 Cafe Colonial – Sacramento, CA
5/20/2023 Eli’s Mile High Club – Oakland, CA

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