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Generation Kill unveils the second single from MK-Ultra with the heavy charge of “Rat King”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on July 16, 2021

Fronted by former Exodus frontman Rob Dukes, the track depicts a post apocalyptic reality following a global infestation of rodents.

Thrash veterans Generation Kill have shared the second single from their third full length album set to arrive via Blood Blast Distribution later this summer. The crusher in “Rat King” comes packaged with an animated visual that brings the horrifying reality of a world infested with rodents to life – set with the perfect post apocalyptic soundtrack.

The reveal of the second offering from the forthcoming MK-Ultra LP follows the introductory single in “Never Relent” which was assisted by Exodus guitarist and Generation Kill’s former bandmate, Gary Holt. The collaborative effort served as an important beginning of a new era for Generation Kill and marked the first joint effort between Holt and Dukes since the singer’s departure from Exodus.

The second single further establishes the band’s heavy sword wielding stylistic signature – complete with the metallic crunch of guitarists Jason Trenczer and Jason Velez combined with Dukes’ menacing growl. The band’s sound manages to embrace a reverence for the requisites of thrash while adding their own accents to for a modernized version of something classic.

Speaking specifically about the rank of Rat King” on the band’s upcoming album, Rob Dukes shared, “There was never any doubt that Rat King was going to be the second single released off this record. When we discussed having a visual component for the song, we realized quickly that it needed to be an animated video about an apocalypse brought on by a global infestation of rats.  Luckily we have a strong creative team that was able to bring the song to life!”

With songs that depict the horrors of tyrannical figures like Vlad the Impaler and Genghis Khan to tracks that portray a world overcome by an army of rats, it would seem that MK-Ultra will not only be heavy as hell but loaded with the dark imagery to back it up.

Stream the premiere of “Rat King” from Generation Kill from the band’s forthcoming full length, MKUltra available via Blood Blast Distribution.

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