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Imonolith turned a setback into their latest release, ‘Progressions’

Posted by Matt Rushton in Culture on August 7, 2022

Imonolith drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen joins Jon “StayPuft” Garcia and Cori Westbrook on Pulse of the Maggots.

Imonolith released their debut album, State of Being, just as the pandemic locked down the world. Amid cancelled tour plans not once but twice and then eventually four times in total, drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen joined Pulse of the Maggots to discuss how the band pivoted to make a sort of ‘mini-album’ after their plans for a conventional album cycle disappeared, and why they titled the release, Progressions.

Explaining that the band was introduced during such a terrible time, he elaborated on the frustration of having an album that took a couple of years to make ultimately making less impact because the band couldn’t share those songs live. Ever an optimist however, Van Poederooyen explained that the band figured out how to engage fans and increase their reach online during lockdown so as not to lose any momentum or squander any time being unproductive.

As for Progressions, Van Poederooyen shared that the title was explicit. Given the project saw the band introduce new sonic elements, expand their sound, go acoustic, and even include a couple of covers from Bjork and Nine Inch Nails, the title was in fact fitting in presenting how the band had evolved from the straightforward-ness of State of Being to a band further exploring their creative potential.

The drummer also looked ahead to the band’s long in the making headlining tour in 2023 and revealed how impatient they are to play these songs live each night.

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