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Kill Devil Hill address America’s opioid crisis with the powerful single, “Pharmaceutical Sunshine”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on September 13, 2023

The veteran heavy rock unit previews their pending ‘Seas of Oblivion’ full length with a moving testimonial about the toll of addiction.

Set to release their full length album Seas of Oblivion, later this month, veteran rock collective Kill Devil Hill have delivered an impassioned message with their latest single, “Pharmaceutical Sunshine”. The track offers an honest confrontation of the current opioid crisis happening in America and the kind of devastation left in its wake.

KDH vocalist Dewey Bragg spoke about the personal significance of the track and the weigh of the message. “This song is a heartfelt reflection on the far-reaching impact of the opioid epidemic, not only on my own family but on countless families across America. Several band members have felt the effects of this in their own families, triggering a heart-felt inspiration to use music as a tool to speak to the masses about this ongoing crisis in our country – and hopefully provide a beacon of hope for those in need of a helping hand, and a voice of understanding.”

Further underscoring the kind of catastrophic loss happening in real time, guitarist Mark Zavon explained the urgency of the track. “We are in the middle of an unprecedented epidemic that is frequently swept under the rug but has now gotten so far out of control that it’s become impossible to ignore. Overdose deaths related to opioids and synthetic opioids like Fentanyl are skyrocketing.”

Zavon added how he hopes the track will prompt real discourse about the epidemic. “i’ve seen close friends and even a family member struggle with these issues, and it is truly heartbreaking to watch. It’s perfectly natural for someone who is constantly living under a cloud of depression and addiction to reach for a little “Pharmaceutical Sunshine” to lift them out of that dark place, but unfortunately, it only tightens the downward spiral. This song was written to shine a light on this massive issue, and hopefully, through raising awareness, can help some to avoid the terrible pitfalls of opioid addiction.”

The poignant single is the latest offering from Kill Devil Hill’s pending full length, Seas of Oblivion. Comprised of a veteran cast of contributors, Kill Devil Hill has been rejuvenated by the new configuration of Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative on drums, Mark Zavon on guitar, Dewey Bragg on vocals, and Matt Snell formerly of Five Finger Death Punch on bass.

The band has been a mainstay for the last decade and now is set to begin a new chapter with the arrival of their first album since 2013’s Revolution Rise. Seas of Oblivion arrives later this month. Pre-order the album – HERE

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