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Knotfest Bracket Challenge Round 3- Vote for the fan-favorite track from Metallica’s Black Album

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on September 8, 2021

We celebrate the arrival of the 30th anniversary remastered edition of the 1991 landmark album by finding out which song is tops.

With the recent arrival of Metallica’s 30th anniversary remastered edition of the Black Album, the excitement surrounding the band is at all-time high as fans are revisiting one of rock’s music most enduringm influential albums.

In addition to the remastered edition of the landmark LP, the band is also released their massive Blacklist compilation album – an effort that pooled an eclectic roster of some 53 of the music’s biggest and brightest all taking on their favorite tracks from the Black Album.

Among the participating names are the likes of Corey Taylor, Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Biffy Clyro, Ghost, Royal Blood, OFF!, Volbeat, Weezer, The Hu, St. Vincent, Miley Cyrus, and even Elton John – with a host more.

In tandem with the celebration of the historic milestone, Metallica performed during a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC, with a picturesque television set with the Los Angeles landmark Griffith Observatory as their backdrop. Taking on essentials from the Black Album like “Wherever I May Roam,” Metallica’s unparalleled ubiquity in pop culture was on full display as the broadcast reiterated just how monumental the band’s catalog continues to be.

Continuing with the anniversary festivities, Metallica recently played two intimate club shows in the last week. First, a 500-person capacity show at The Independent in their hometown of San Francisco and just last night (Sept. 20th) the band played a special set at The Metro in Chicago with the lucky fans in attendance paying just $19.83 US to see the band.

In addition, Metallica launched a dedicated podcast series that explores the making of the album and it’s eventual impact, longevity, and the cultural shift that happened as a result of the 1991 opus. Regarded as the singular most successful album of the soundscan era, it is hard to summarize the legacy of the album that ultimately propelled Metallica into a new stratosphere of artistry and a generational institution for decades to come.

Given the connection that fans have with this particular album, the latest installment of the Knotfest Bracket Challenge aims to find out just what song from such a monumental album is regarded as the fan-favorite. After two weeks of voting, the fans have narrowed down the field of 12 track to now the final four.

Arguably the four of the album’s most iconic songs scored a first round bye with “The Unforgiven,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Sad But True,” and the ageless “Enter Sandman” all immediately advancing to the second round. In the subsequent weeks of voting, those four songs have remained ahead of h pack and now comprise the final four in the running for fan favorite from the Black Album. The third round of voting closes on Saturday September 25th.

Each week the results will be updated with the fans determining which songs advance to the next round of voting – with four rounds in total leading up to the final vote of which song from The Black Album takes home the title of fan favorite.

The 30th anniversary remastered edition of the Black Album from Metallica and the comprehensive Blacklist compilation are now available – HERE