Fate DeStroyed blur genre lines with the with the down tuned trap-tinged "Death Signs" - Knotfest

Fate DeStroyed blur genre lines with the with the down tuned trap-tinged “Death Signs”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on September 14, 2021

With an assist from Jason Alessi, the LA-based collective is making music designed knock speakers and fire up the pit.

Confronting the status quo of contemporary metal music, the LA-based unit of Fate DeStroyed have cleared their own path among the terrain of traditional by making aggressive music that is difficult to lock down to a single category.

Reiterating that commitment to outside the box thinking, the band’s latest offering in “Deatn Signs” showcases a modern era of heavy that marries stylistic dynamics rinsing from sledgehammer-like breakdowns to rhythmically fluid lyrical bars in a way that all meshes organically. Serving as the introduction for the band’s forthcoming Two Toned Hearts EP slated to arrive October 1st on Dark Kingdom Records, “Death Signs” manages to corral big melody from frontwoman Franccesca De Struct, crunching fretwork from Roger Bohlen and Jonni Law, and a tempered pummel from behind the kit from Cameron Franklin.

Vocalist Franccesca De Struct summarized the intention of their introductory single from the Two Toned Hearts EP. “‘Death Signs’ is an artistic evolution for Fate Destroyed. It examines the reclaiming of power both musically and in my personal life during the writing of the song. The fusion between genres speaks to a desire to step away from industry standards to explore metal and its versatility into a modern era.”

Embracing that modernity, Fate Destroyed tapped dark trap prospect Jason Alessi for some added vocal muscle on a track that also touted a dynamic assault. Contrasting De Struct’s sweeping chorus with a concoction of swift wordplay and violent growls, the tandem of Franccesca and Jason deliver an emphatic glimpse of what is yet to come with the remaining three tracks from the forthcoming EP.

Coinciding with the release of the band’s Two Toned Hearts EP, Fate Destroyed will be embarking on The Awakening Tour with Vampires Everywhere!, Assuming We Survive, and The Bunny the Bear this October.

Check the Knotfest premiere of “Death Signs” from Fate Destroyed below. Pre-save the band’s Two Toned Hearts EP arriving October 1st from Dark Kingdom Records – HERE

Two Toned Hearts track listing:
1. Death Signs (ft. Jason Alessi)
2. Let’s Crash
3. The Hollow
4. Where We Lie

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