SiriusXM's Shawn "The Butcher" on Getting Into Metal via WWE - Squared Circle Pit - Knotfest

SiriusXM’s Shawn “The Butcher” on Getting Into Metal via WWE – Squared Circle Pit

Posted by Rob Pasbani in Culture on August 24, 2023

SiriusXM Liquid Metal and Ozzy’s Boneyard voice Shawn “The Butcher” Winkler sits in on this edition of Squared Circle Pit. Shawn and Rob reminiss about the golden age of pro wrestling in the eighties and how our lives were upgraded in the 90s with the cable hot boxes.

Shawn realizes that WWE was one of his first exposures to heavy metal during the convo and shares fun stories of meeting Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, DDP, Metallica and others at his job at the SiriusXM radio station. Plus, Shawn talks about his new podcast, In Madness.

Squared Circle Pit is a podcast hosted by Rob Pasbani exploring the intersection of rock and pro wrestling. More episodes at

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