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Vman Shares The Secret Behind Slipknot’s Writing Process And His Most Anticipated Knotfest Sets

Posted by Jenna DePasquale in Culture on August 12, 2021

For the final installment of Vman’s Defender of the Riff interview, the bassist details his development within the nucleus of Slipknot, shares what to expect when the band returns live, and confides he is excited to see Gojira and Faith No More in Iowa.

After a challenging, yet rewarding transition into becoming Slipknot’s permanent bassist in the aftermath of Paul Gray’s death, Alessandro “Vman” Venturella has come into his own. Earning his own distinct mask would signify the establishment of his identity in the band. After touring in support of Slipknot’s 2014 album .5 The Gray Chapter, Vman went from simply tracking demos to actively contributing new material.

The British musician notes that writing and recording with Slipknot was a marked change from working with his previous heavy metal band Cry For Silence, which disbanded in 2008. In just a few years, technology revolutionized the nature of recording music, with riffs being easily exchanged through cyberspace from the comfort of artists’ own homes. Vman’s original work would ultimately manifest through 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind — a record that has garnered buzz for being Slipknot’s heaviest feat since the iconic, Iowa.

With his production credits quickly expanding into keyboards, Vman has embraced the natural evolution of Slipknot’s writing process. Simply enjoying making music together is the glue behind the band’s current iteration. Yet, despite these pleasures, Vman states that he takes every day with “a pinch of salt.” Rejecting the narrative of coasting along his success and achieving the easy life, Vman never wants to lose his hunger for being the best musician he can be. 

Vman’s bright future with Slipknot continues to unfold. He has been in Iowa since September 2020 working on an undisclosed project. Of course, Vman and the gang plan to get back on tour to perform at Knotfest’s Indianola and Los Angeles-based festivals, as well as the Knotfest Road Show across America. He revealed that Slipknot will primarily be playing tracks off of We Are Not Your Kind, as the dates in support of the record were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As for Vman’s most anticipated acts, rumor has it you may spot him side stage during Gojira and Faith No More’s sets this September in Iowa. There is nothing he is looking forward to more, however, than returning to his home this month to spend time with his beloved pups, Alan and Bruce.

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