War Orphan push that PMA with the heavy hitting hardcore of "Cuffs" - Knotfest

War Orphan push that PMA with the heavy hitting hardcore of “Cuffs”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on September 30, 2021

The long-distanced collaborative project featuring former members of Sick Of It All and Reach showcases classic East Coast aggression.

The dynamic of old school hardcore outfit War Orphan is that of a collective of lifelong friends that may not always connect, but when they do, they pick up right where they left off.

Back in 2020, the band consisting of guitarist Richie Cipriano (ex-SICK OF IT ALL, REACH), drummer Dante Renzi (REACH) and vocalist David Bason (BARFBAG) made their resounding debut in their Closer To Death Than Life EP – anchored by the impassioned message of unity in the track, “Anthem“. No-frills percussion, aggressive guitars, and plenty of gang vocals underscored the unit’s East Coast Hardcore pedigree that remains at the core of their cohesion.

Despite an extended amount of time since the band’s last showing, David Bason, now residing in LA, continued to check in with this mates in New York. All the while exchanging ideas for new music with Richie and Dante, the end result is the first offering of the band’s pending debut full length. Reintroducing the band with the track, “Cuffs”, the two-minute jaunt cuts right the chase with Bason’s turbo-charged vocal performance, set to a lumberingly-heavy dose of traditional hardcore – a track tailor made for a swarm of humanity in the pit.

Bason reiterates one of the core tenets of the genre, citing a positive mental attitude as the track’s direct intent. “Cuffs is all about believing in yourself and never giving up.  There’s a confidence we all gain as years go by but sometimes we need a reminder that we’re worth the fight. This is a song you can put on anytime you’re doubting yourself. You’re worth it, got get everything you dreamed of!. From your friends in War Orphan, you’re worth it.”

War Orphan are currently working on their debut studio album that’s expected out next year. Stream the Knotfest.com premiere of “Cuffs” below.

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