Cyberpunk architect Perturbator debuts new track “Excess” and enlists Author & Punisher, HEALTH, Pig Destroyer, INVSN and more to reinterpret the song

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on April 30, 2021

Debuting the third single from his forthcoming Lustful Sacraments, dark synth mastermind James Kent has tapped a roster of cutting edge artists to offer their own version of his latest work.

Following the release of the first two cuts from his forthcoming Lustful Sacraments in “Death of the Soul” and “Dethroned Under a Funeral Haze,” James Kent, aka Perturbator, has unveiled the third offering from the album with arguably the strongest showing yet in “Excess”.

Discussing the importance of the track, Perturbator shared that the single served well in setting the tone for the project in its entirety. Kent says, “’Excess’ is the first track I made for Lustful Sacraments. It is the most representative of the rest of the album and its themes of self-destruction.

The fluid mesh of the intensity of industrial combined with the sweeping cinematic synth make for a track that creates a sonic soundscape that is layered, nuanced, and as impressive as it is intense. Kent’s electrified offering of post punk, goth rock and dark wave is destined to resonate with a broad spectrum of fans that appreciation aggression and admire his artistry.

Announced in tandem with the single is a collection of reinterpretations from a collection of cutting edge artists all selected by Perturbator to offer their own take on “Excess”. Enlisting Author & Punisher, HEALTH, Pig Destroyer, INVSN, She Past Away and OddZoo, the aim was to offer a myriad of translations of the same track from some of Kent’s favorite artists. He explains, “With the album version of ‘Excess’ being released, I thought it would be interesting to add something unusual and asked bands that I respect to make their own cover of the song. They had complete freedom to do as they pleased and put their own spin on it. Each version is unique but all equally great.

Author & Punisher shared his take on reimagining the track, “I jumped at the chance to add a little doom to the darkness that is Perturbator: I cut the BPM literally in half….like taking a piece of gum out of your mouth, stepping on it, walking in the red light district and then giving it another go.” Author & Punisher’s menacing version of “Excess” is currently available – HERE

The remaining covers that comprise the ‘Excess’ EP will be released over the course of the next few months and will see a full release later this year. ‘Lustful Sacraments’ is set to arrive May 28th via Blood Music. The album is currently available for pre-order – HERE.

Stream “Excess” from Perturbator below.