Denzel Curry broadcasts ‘Live From the Abyss’

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 3, 2020

The live streaming shows will span globally from Los Angeles to Moscow over the course of just two days.

Just last month Denzel Curry released his scathing political rallying cry with “Live From the Abyss.” The track is now the title of a global streaming tour that will begin on November 18th and span internationally over the course of two days.

The dates for the Live From the Abyss 2020 Tour include Los Angeles & Miami on 11/18, Tokyo & Sydney on 11/19, London & Moscow on 11/19, and the broadcast will be available on demand beginning on 11/18 through 11/20.

Curry issued the following, “I’ll be doing 3 special livestream shows for my fans all over the world in a few weeks. Between Covid, Police Brutality, & this Election I know its been a crazy ass year for everyone. Everybody copes differently, personally I take negative energy and try my best to make it positive whether its creating music, comics or fighting while some of you come to my shows and release it all in the pit. It will be awhile until things can get back to normal so join me next month… I need & love your energy just as much as you love mine. Let’s close out this fucked up ass year together the best way we know how.”

Despite the stagnant pace of 2020, Curry has maintained an impressive output. Early in 2020, Curry teamed with p[roduced Kenny Beats to unleash their collaborative Unlocked EP. Curry would later team with Terence Martin and Kamasi Washington for the incendiary track “Pig Feet”. Denzel would flex his versatility with a guest spot on Yungblud’s “Lemonade” shortly thereafter.

Again asserting his ability to observe and report on the track, Curry’s commentary on “Abyss” is indicative of the growing sentiment of people growing increasingly discontent with the climate of 2020. The track bolsters Curry’s well-earned reputation for channeling energy with throughout-provoking turn of phrase that is sure to fire up the mosh pit.

Tickets for Live from the Abyss 2020 Tour are available – HERE