Erra introduces self-titled album with lead single “Divisionary”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 13, 2021

The band’s fifth LP showcases their biggest evolutionary leap to date.

Progressive metalcore collective Erra have officially began the rollout for their UNFD debut. The band has announced their fifth studio-album with a self-titled effort set to release on March 16th.

To commence the charge towards the album’s release, the band has offered an introduction to the LP in the lead single, “Divisionary”.

“It’s a song about our relationship to technology,” explains vocalist/guitarist Jesse Cash. “The song is pretty on the nose and intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek. It creates a sort of campy parallel between our phones and religion. In the song, technology is God and we are all zealous fanatics of the service it provides, which is distraction from our immediate realities, which is presence.” 

Erra arrives via UNFD March 16th

Addressing weighty themes like depression, anxiety and desperation, the collection of 12-tracks presents an evolutionary leap for the band that manages to retain their sonic identity, while further exploring their creative reach. The move to make this album the self-titled effort, is an emphatic assertion of how these songs offer the most complete iteration of Erra to date.

“It’s clearly an evolution of the same band, it sounds like a record we wrote, but it’s such a big step forward from the last one that it seemed like the perfect time to self-title a record,” Cash explains. “We wanted to give people who have been following ERRA the sense that we’re starting a new chapter, with something fresh.”

Over the course of their decade-long campaign, Erra have established a steadfast reputation for skillfully balancing skilled technicality with sincerity on the record. Debuting with Impulse in 2012, rounded out with the most recent 2018 release in Neon, the band’s prowess has made them a fixture among the top names in metalcore universe, with some 72 million Spotify streams to back that.

Erra arrives March 16th via UNFD. Pre-orders are available – HERE

Watch the video for “Divisionary” below.