Knotfest Exclusives - Knotfest

Knotfest Exclusives

Jelly Roll joins the Talk Toomey Podcast this week to discuss everything going on in his world. Jelly Roll and Toomey talk about his recent Grand Ole Opry debut, his weight loss goals and getting up with Shinedown for Simple Man.
Rivera unveils his Top 5 Thrash Drummers list plus the latest Ruthless EP, touring through Covid and going to see Metallica at The Metro.
Brandon talks about the back story of "Pocket Knife" and the origin of the lyrics. Plus discusses growing food during the pandemic, starting the Moonlight Art Collective and selling prints of his work. Brandon gives some Incubus history and talks Make Yourself, touring with Black Sabbath and Pantera including a great Korn road story. He also teases upcoming Incubus shows
Tim Williams joins Throwback Throwdown with Toomey to discuss his latest band, Rolling Casket. Tim and Joshua also talk about Vision of Disorder, recording with Phil Anselmo and the New York scene in the 90s.
Plus getting Into Twitch Streaming and Interacting with Fans Online
Plus memories of Dave Williams, Sevendust waking them up to 9/11 and more
Skye and Matt discuss the process of making videos as a D.I.Y. band. Skye talks about making green screen videos and editing them herself.
The fourth installment in the series of archived footage revisits Slipknot's .5 The Gray Chapter era and their conquest of the UK on the Prepare For Hell Tour.

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