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Knotfest Exclusives

Matt Heafy of Trivium discusses the band's latest, In The Court of the Dragon. Plus Twitch, Knotfest Iowa, Machine Gun Kelly and changing with the times. Matt tells his love of Metallica's Black Album and talks about writing a children's book. While also diving into his recent outing on the Metal Tour Of The Year with Megadeth & Lamb of God.
Matty discusses what music can do for your soul, growing up listening to DC Talk and living and working in Nashville.
Elijah Witt of Cane Hill joins the Talk Toomey Podcast this week. Elijah and I talk about the success of Cane Hill being off a label and the creative freedom it has given the band. We talk about the writing process of the band and his love of longer songs. Elijah discusses the huge bass tone the band has a the importance of bass players. We also talk some New Orleans metal history, Nu Metal and Deloreans.
The latest special episode from the LGBT+ heavy metal podcast is an extended version of the Camp Classic feature from the regular show. It explains why Opeth's album 'Watershed' could be interpreted as a concept record about the life of one queer person.
A special from the LGBT+ heavy metal podcast that's the inverse of the main show. Matt explains why Brendon Urie is a queer hero, 'Atomic' by Blondie is a non-metal Camp Classic, and Dimmu Borgir's Death Cult Armageddon is revealed as one of the HCGB jukebox's classic selection.
Slipknot relive the madness of their UK television debut and Corey Taylor's maniacal vocal recording on Iowa with third mini-doc
Dan dives into the process of writing and recording music for television and movies. Dan discusses reaching fans through licensing their music through things like the Olympics or Stanley Cup Final.
He describes how the Five Finger Death Punch hate he received set him up for life to do whatever he wants now.