1400mile drive for lines? - Knotfest
Posted by MuzzleFoot | September 27, 2021

1400mile drive for lines?

First off I will say the bands did a fantastic job; performed better than I could’ve expected. The lineup was awesome, heard some bands play that I never knew existed before but they definitely gained a new fan after the other night. Regardless of the rest of what happened I’m still doing my best to convince myself this was all worth it (which I’d say it was to see my favorite band play in their homestate)
Drove 1400 miles (one way) from MA to this festival, spent well over a $1k (for each of the 3 of us that went)

Everything else…was a complete and utter clusterf*ck. The lines to get in were over a mile long; before the gates even opened…which was only a mere 50minutes before the first set started.
The lines for merch and beer were over an hour long, which is completely understandable and expected to happen at a festival of this size (over 30k people).
There was only 2 stands for water, soda and the like for everyone there…one of which ran out of everything after a few hours; which had lines going over 3hrs for some people
It would be one thing if you allowed people to bring waters in or empty refillable bottles to use at the (hidden and unmarked) refill stations but you didn’t
The lines for the food vendors got so long that most people couldn’t tell what line was for what vendor; and would end up waiting over 2hrs to find out either it was cash only, they ran out of food, or that they weren’t allowed to sell drinks or that they were in the wrong line the whole time.
You promised on the website that people with medical conditions would have access to the things they needed…I guess water isn’t one of them
People were dropping all over from lack of water from waiting in lines or searching for the few hidden spots to refill a bottle they had to sneak in
Leaving the place afterwards was horrendous as there was barely, if any at all, people working traffic. Some people were stuck there for 4hrs without moving
There was so much more that I’m forgetting

The staff did a great job with what they had to work with and what they were told beforehand; they definitely got the brunt of things especially after I heard they didn’t have access to anything like the rest of us either

All in all, the show was amazing but Mammoth and whoever else was responsible for the planning for this REALLY dropped the ball

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