Barcode - Knotfest
Posted by stevedishon | October 2, 2021


Anyone know where I can find, buy, make a large fabric barcode? I can find small patches, but I can’t find a large one. Any help would be nice . Thanks maggots!

  1. dotte87 says:

    What do you consider large?

    1. stevedishon says:

      I’m thinking a patch that covers the back of a shirt. Most patches are 4-5 inches. I’m thinking like 10-12″ wide and 8-10″ tall. Something like that.

  2. sava_maggot says:

    I have 2 of those patches, one on my jacket & one on my vest & yes they’re different colors (white or red). I suggest maybe checking Etsy & search Slipknot Barcode Patch or something like that.