Echo echo echo - Knotfest
Posted by GMoney72 | June 2, 2021

Echo echo echo

I am echoing all of the posts I am reading. I ran out and signed up for the $99 subscription so I could by tickets to the AZ show. But no promo code and nothing on sale for that show??? What gives?

  1. davidkyle says:

    maybe if you would have actually read those same posts, you’d know that the IOWA code works for all other shows except for Rodgers AR.

    1. kg319 says:

      Wrong, it doesn’t work for the mass show in Mansfield

      1. davidkyle says:

        No, you’re the one who was wrong. It worked just fine when I tried it. Maybe try brushing up on your computer skills?

  2. surfgoth99 says:

    Hey dude fellow az fan here. I got the $6/mo digital subscription and my code worked fine yesterday. Why did you shell out a full $99 unless u want the swag?

    The codes yesterday were a disaster overall. I just logged in and see they renamed their codes to better clarify what they are and there’s a third one now. I already have my tickets with my other code prior to them renaming and changing them so here if you or anyone reading this needs a code for ANY date on the tour except the AR and Iowa dates this should work for AZ or any others:


    1. main011649 says:

      i have been trying that code for the indiana show and its not been working…