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Posted by Delecto | December 13, 2021

Knotfest Germany Presale Link


  1. beaker73 says:

    Thx… but I did not get the promo code :'(

  2. joch3nsen says:

    Does anyone have the promo code? Is it the same code for everyone?

  3. shinigami_calipo says:

    do you have the paid subscription? code is only for paying members. My question is, can I pay the 6$ for one month membership get the code and can directly cancel it?

  4. joch3nsen says:

    Yes I booked a yearly subscription 2 days ago…

  5. shinigami_calipo says:

    But will it also work with the monthly subscription ? I dont want to pay 50 $ only for a pre sale code. 6$ for one month seems fair.

    1. joch3nsen says:

      As far as i understand, this works.

        1. joch3nsen says:

          Where did you get the promo code from?

          1. drummernick90 says:

            Go to “My profile”, then “Promo codes”, last one is the Code for Knotfest Germany.

          2. joch3nsen says:

            My last entry in the promo code section is “Knotfest Store Discount” 🙁

  6. rtpkrist says:

    ik heb ook geen code????

  7. beaker73 says:

    I booked a yearly subscription too

  8. starshrimp says:

    Does anyone know how much a ticket costs? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. delecto says:

      Its €121

  9. joch3nsen says:

    I still received no promo code 🙁 🙁
    I can see all the other codes, but not for Knotfest Germany. I booked my membership 2 days ago (since I’m a Slipknot fan for more than 20 years), everything else is fine. Has anybody an idea what might be wrong with that or what I could do now?

  10. starshrimp says:

    Hey there you have to have a paid membership. I went with the 6 $/month option. First, there was no promo code, then I logged out, logged in and then there it was. I think it’s a different code for each account. After that, everything went smoothly, already bought the tickets, superhappy right now. 🙂

    1. joch3nsen says:

      I have a yearly membership which costs 50$

  11. joch3nsen says:

    Hey guys, now I figured out the problem: The annual membership obviously doesn’t work for this promo code! You have to order a MONTHLY membership (6$)! I did so and a few seconds later I got the code!
    Strange anyway…

  12. horizon says:

    I just sign in with an memebership of 50 $.Now no Promocode for the Festival in germany.Can please someone tell me how this works??I dont want to pay more money monthly to buy a ticket on presale.

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