Linefest - Knotfest
Posted by Saffyre | September 27, 2021


With the lack of water, food vendors running out and disorganized and hours long wait, then the EXTREME lack of traffic control trying to leave (we literally sat for 2+ hours before people started making their own routes out – people's cars dying, people giving up and crashing in their cars). Police dispatch said IDK, just wait. Desperate, we went to try to get water again and saw the workers moving the bins around looking for anything and then basically taking bids on it…disgusting. Watched personnel trying to get medical ATV/golf car through the crowd, yelling for people to move, no horn, no loudspeaker. So glad it wasn't on Sunday when the temps were much higher…people would have been serious injured or worse. Loved the bands, hated the venue/event staff. I think at least a partial refund should be warranted…take it from the venue, they blew hard, not the bands.

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