“Linefest” - Knotfest
Posted by pangea.ce@gmail.com | September 27, 2021


Absolutely terrible experience. My friend and I got there and had to immediately wait in the longest line I’ve ever seen just to enter the venue. I missed one of my fav bands bc we were waiting to just enter the venue. So I was already saddened by that. Then we got in and were so thirsty and hungry. So we entered the bar tent line where we waited THREE HOURS to buy a couple of beers. AND NO WATER. After that I was so malnourished I didn’t have energy to wait in line for food. I missed FOUR SETS by then. I was so upset and sick that I had to leave. So I traveled all this way to just be malnourished at the mercy of sh!tty event planners, wait in hours long lines and be sad I missed my fav bands perform. I had a migraine from being so dehydrated and hungry. I also watched 3 people get taken off by medics while we waited on line for so long. This was the biggest failure of event planning I’ve ever seen. Total disregard for human lives bc I felt like a herded animal with no way to take care of my health (with regards to food and drink)! I want my money back!

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