Little people kill people - Knotfest
Posted by Lolly | July 30, 2021

Little people kill people

I remember the first time hearing the self titled album 20 years ago, the first cd I ever bought.
I couldn't help but feel the blast beats in my chest. Joey's drumming, for me to this day, is form of therapy.
After that moment I idolised him, I found it funny we were the same height. After many months I finally convinced my mum to let me dye my hair black and I secretly shaved off my eyebrows haha….he helped me form the person I am today in so many ways.
When seeing Slipknot play there was an energy from himself and Paul that you could not help but drawn into. It was the same when he played in Murderdolls. Seeing Joey's heartbreak first hand at Sonisphere festival in memory of Paul was absolutely devastating. I hope now they are both jamming together like no one each could. Rest in peace, Joey x