Looking to purchase VIP package that was supposed to come with my ticket. - Knotfest
Posted by theuncanny | November 8, 2021

Looking to purchase VIP package that was supposed to come with my ticket.

Hello there fellow Maggots. While attending the last stop of Knotfest in LA no one could tell me where to pick up my VIP package that came with my order. If anyone has an extra they wouldn’t mind selling please let me know. I had chosen a L sweatshirt. This was by far the best show I have ever experienced and it would be an absolute honor to have something to rock the memory till the end of my time. Please reach out and let me know. Much love 🤘 -B

  1. marisa says:

    I would suggest sending an email to support@knotfest.com. I don’t think you should have to pay for another one. Good luck to you!

  2. deadendandrea says:

    It was right in front of the Figueroa entrance attached to the museum. I’m so sorry you missed it. The same thing happened to me last time as well. Luckily CID sent me mine after lots of and lots of shuffling back and forth to this person and that person. And I had to pay for shipping of course.

    Try contacting CID, as that was who was in charge of the VIP packages, not OT9
    Contact CID Entertainment Guest Services: (888) 805-8930
    or guestservices@cidentertainment.com 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EDT daily

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