Missing promo code for Knotfest Germany - Knotfest
Posted by marilyn38 | December 12, 2021

Missing promo code for Knotfest Germany

Why is the code for todays pre-sale not showing up in the promo code section?

Does anyone have any extra information?

  1. letalis says:

    Have not received mine either..

  2. tyr332 says:

    i have the code but now idea what to do now… i cant find out where the presale takes place. On Ticketmaster is no field to use the promo code

  3. tyr332 says:


    Thanks!!! Looks like Ticketmaster started the Pre-Sale to late… At 14pm i was not able to enter the code there but now it worked and i am happy about my Tickets 😀

  4. timothyd says:

    Are all the codes the same?

  5. marilyn38 says:

    The code does not show up in my promo codes.
    I also have paid membership

  6. waltrock says:

    In My Section the Code does not Show Up. Ist there any issue?

  7. horizon says:

    The question is if the promo code is the same for everybody?? I paid 50 Dollar and no promo code showed up?? 😭😭

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