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Posted by Slipknot_Boy666 | August 10, 2021

R.i.P Legend

I still can't believe that he is dead i just shaking everytime when i'm Think about this he Left us too soon he was my Favourite Drummer, Artist… he was and still is my Idol that i will do everything i have to Say Thank you Joey Thank you for everything you will be for ever in our Hearts. We Maggots won't Forget you!

Posted by Michal Sobo | August 9, 2021


I Love you Joey. Best Drummer there ever was. Thank you…💔

Posted by jansseng18 | August 8, 2021

Long live Joey Jordison.

Thanks for the memories and music. We are grateful for you Joey. We love you.

Posted by Rise1184 |

Greatest Drummer Of All Time

No words can describe the immense loss I feel inside, and I can only imagine how much this affects his brothers, friends, and family members. I never knew him personally but I always felt his strong influence through music and it got me through my worst times, especially currently. I’m in debt to you, Joey. Your legacy will always live on, forever… Journey in Peace

Posted by kgilbert33 |

Rest in Peace

We all love you so much and I hope you are resting peacefully. Thank you for everything. 🖤

Posted by Jeni_Armoa |

Rest in peace….

① Joey Jordison
You were always an inspiration to me, I still can't believe you died, I didn't even know you but you still inspired me and I truly hope you have gone in peace and now rest forever. I will miss you, you left a great legacy, I hope you knew that…

Posted by Abeo |

A King and A True Legend

Joey will always be remembered as a legend, he was truly one of the best drummers in history if not THE best. As a drummer myself this really hit, even if I didn't get into Slipknot until recent years. Rest In Peace Joey, fly high ❤

Posted by Luzdeluna | August 5, 2021

Rest In Peace, ①Joey Jordison.

This is hurtful to me, I still can't accept that he's not here. He was one of my biggest inspiration in music, he was unic talented and such an influence in metal music in general. A great person, a great musician. You will be not here, but you will always be in our memories and hearts. Rest In Peace ①Joey Jordison, we love you.

Posted by amonague |

Forever #1

I don’t know if this will ever reach anyone, an actual person reading this who was close to Joey. I just wanted to say that…I cannot even fathom how much this person I’ve never met has influenced my life. Joey’s passion and dedication towards music is something that is shared. Growing up these 9 guys in spooky masks and jumpsuits were a fucking saving Grace to me. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for this band, and Joey specifically. The pure and raw talent that he had, inspired something in me growing up. I idolized the attitude, the talent, the humbleness Joey had towards all things music including himself. I grew up on Slipknot, my first concert was Slipknot. I went in my first mosh pit and got knocked out to get to the front stage to see Joey in real life, and to just be near him in his presence. That was a fucking dream come true. I only saw Slipknot play 3 times & each time Joey was on those fucking drums you truly witnessed an absolute legend. Joey was a true master of his craft, he was an innovator and changed the game, his influence and inspiration has created a generation of drummers who have learned & aspired to be like Joey. I am in disbelief at how much someone I’ve never met has affected me. Joey influenced my life in ways I can’t describe. His music and talent have saved my life more than one time. My heart feels incredibly heavy when I think about how much he had accomplished but sad because of all he was yet to do. My heart is with the family and loved ones of Joey. The only comfort I have, is found in the quote “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”. Joey’s legacy and contributions to the music and metal world will continue to live forever, and that is something to be celebrated. Joey, thank you for saving my life in more ways than one. Thank you for giving me something to believe in and something to hold on to. Joey, Rest In Power, we’ll take it from here.

Posted by emihorma |

RIP Joey!!

it's so sad to think that you are not longer here. You'll be always in my memories, I appreciate you a lot. There's nothing that makes me feel better than your music, is wonderful. Thanks for everything Joey! I hope you're happy up there with Paul!
#1 forever.

Posted by perezzromero |


Thank you for being my salvation, my refuge, my joy these years. I still can't believe it, but I know that now you are in a better place doing what you love and accompanying Paul. I wish you could see all this and know how many people love you and would give everything to have met you. Legends never die, thanks for everything.

Posted by TinchoRoot |

Joey Jordison

Es difícil saber que Joey ya no está con nosotros físicamente, es difícil poder escuchar alguna canción del primer álbum sin pensar en él y todo el legado que dejó.
Para mí Joey no era un simple artista que admiraba, sino que también era mi modelo a seguir en la música, fue por él que un día decidí tomar unas baquetas y comenzar a tocar batería. Es una perdida dolorosa tanto para slipknot como para todos los Maggots del mundo. Joey siempre estará en nuestros corazones y nada ni nadie podrá borrar ese legado!
Stay (sic).

Gracias por todo, Joey. Te amamos…

Posted by xecarols |

Number 1

Nathan me cuesta escribir esto sin llorar, sabiendo que no podré verte, ojalá exista un más allá donde puedas reunirte con Paul, aquí una maggot de 🖤 espera poder decirte lo mucho que te ama cuando llegue mi hora, lo agradecida que estoy por todo lo que nos diste.
Agradezco haber estado en el mismo tiempo que tu Joey ojalá hubiera estado en USA sin duda me habría ganado un lugar en el staff 🤭. Un abrazo a todos.
Rest in power 🤘🖤✨