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Posted by Prkaspszak | November 16, 2021

Slipknot Minnesota?

Just want to talk about slipknot in Minnesota and if they are coming back

Posted by clairelicious713 |

Slam Dunk

lesh trialing trance true true troop reader lept died days all

Posted by theuncanny | November 8, 2021

Looking to purchase VIP package that was supposed to come with my ticket.

Hello there fellow Maggots. While attending the last stop of Knotfest in LA no one could tell me where to pick up my VIP package that came with my order. If anyone has an extra they wouldn’t mind selling please let me know. I had chosen a L sweatshirt. This was by far the best show I have ever experienced and it would be an absolute honor to have something to rock the memory till the end of my time. Please reach out and let me know. Much love 🤘 -B

Posted by the_damaged_good | November 6, 2021


Those 3 people that hosted the live seemingly had no knowledge of the the bands. Much of what they said was very hollow, shallow, ignorant and even idiotic. From comparing vended to miley cyrus to saying that they'll catch hepatitis from the props from MFKR. All that aside it was great to be part of such a great performance, from all the bands, all the way from the other side of the country. Definitely would do it again with hopes of better hosts.

Posted by Death668 |


You guys rock, thanks so much for the awesomeness! Stuck in gov quarantine in Queensland Australia and needed the madness…can’t wait to watch the gig over and over and over again for the next three days…🤘💋

Posted by Bri321 | November 1, 2021

Ticketmaster Code

Does anyone know how to get the Ticketmaster “all in” password for the LA show? Does anyone know what it is?

Posted by shatinastar |

lowell mass 2009

does anyone have footage of the crowd near the rail in front of sid n clown lowell mass 2009 i got knocked out n trampled my buddy saved me n i ran back to the rail from the medics after waking up

Posted by becerra_1990 | October 30, 2021


My discount isn’t working for the store merch.. can anyone help me on that?

Posted by ghost78 |

Vip fast lane

How do the fast lane passes work ? Will there be a separate line ?

Posted by gingerking666 | October 29, 2021

Slipknot VIP package for sell

Yo fellow Maggots, I got an extra Nero Forte VIP package for Knotfest roadshow AZ on Nov 2nd 2021. My roommate can't go. I'm selling it for $666.00 also, I have a parking pass/VIP club lounge ticket as well that is an additional 80$ also you would need to look up the covid health guidelines for this festival. if anyone wants this just let me know. Much love and respect, stay sic 🤘🏻

Posted by Slipknotkid24 | October 28, 2021

LA mandate for full Vaccination

Does anyone know if knotfest will be honoring Negative Covid tests due to LA pushing for full vaccination to enter events after November 4th?

Posted by juanglez95 | October 27, 2021

Meet & Greet ticket

Hello all, I have an extra meet & greet ticket for next week in LA. Selling for face value. Due to work, my brother can't get out on time. Please message me if interested here or
Thank you all!

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