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Posted by wolff1ne65 | August 4, 2021


Peace and love. ❤️

Posted by 420Markanthonie | August 3, 2021

Forever missed

So young so talented you’ll be forever missed buddy . You & Paul can shred together again like ole times my deepest condolences to the jordison family & all band members of slipknot .The way you played Joey will be echoed across the world forever.Thank you for creating the baddest metal band in the universe! I love you brother rip to baddest fucking drummer ever to take the stage

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Legends Never DIE

since the beginning 1999 you have always been the one drummer that has blown me away! you and the guys of slipknot have made such an impact on my life and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the music of slipknot. I remember one show where KoRn was headlining and I seen the weird guy with blonde hair and realized it was Corey then looked at the drums and was shocked to see you sitting there I just couldn't believe it! meeting you guys in 2003 at mayhem fest Colorado was absolutely amazing thank you. I will never forget but I will miss…

Shane Danford- Maggot

Posted by Dan dosk |

We will miss you joey

God has taken back one of his angels. We will never forget you!
Big love from denmark

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Profound loss

The metal world has lost a God 😥 but we know he and Paul will continue to lead Slipknot down the path they were meant to blaze. I am profoundly saddened and cannot imaging the loss his family and band mates are feeling.
To the family and band mates, know that we the maggots are lifting you up in love, compassion and strenghth. As maggots that's what we do. All our love to #1, gone but never forgotten. We love and miss you Joey as well as Paul. Horns in the air and love in our hearts… Show us the way guys, we are listening ❤️❤️

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Thank you for everything ①❤️

Barely stopped crying since I heard the news, I’ve been a Slipknot fan since I was 7/8 and I’m 22 now. Joey has always been my favourite member. I’m still in complete shock.

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Rest in peace, Joey

When I was 12 and just "discovering" Slipknot, a lot of their earliest work sounded very familiar to me, as if I'd known it all my life. Turns out I did. My parents had their debut and played it many times, it came out when I was 3. Joey's drumming is such a big, important part of Slipknot's music, it cannot be replaced. And within the band his presence always stood out to me. So genuine and with a real heart for the fans. His masks are the coolest! I feel so thankful I was able to see Slipknot with both Paul and Joey. But he should also be remembered for his work with all his other bands. His drumming in Sinsaenum is awesome. And he and Wednesday 13 were such fun duo. He will be so greatly missed. Joey was and will remain the best drummer in the world to me. Stay strong, maggots. Thank you, Joey. Always #(1).

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Legends live on forever

I had always hoped for Joey to return someday, as I started listening to Slipknot around 2017 when Chester Bennington passed away, and Joey had left by then and still continued his legendary drumming in Vimic and a few other bands. He will go down as the best and most skilled drummer in the world hands down, and such a great guy, and personality too. Joey will be greatly missed. (1)

Posted by RiverDrummer |

never forgotten

i always grew up listening to slipknot. i was always very passionate about music and listening to music. my parents got me my first drum kit when i was 6 years old. the only reason i ever wanted a kit was because of joey. i watched his insane drum videos and his performances with slipknot every single day. joey is my biggest inspiration and reason why i ever bought a drum kit. thank you so much joey.

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Never forgotten

My first Slipknot show the Monster Mayhem festival in 2008. I had no idea how amazing Joey was until I saw him! I still can't believe he's gone

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RIP Joey Jordison

I grew up with Slipknot and it helped me through a lot as a kid, but out of all of the members, you were the one that stood out to me the most. I even dressed up as you for Halloween one year. You've changed the world, and not many people get to say that. Rest in power, Joey.

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Dear Joey first of all may you rest in peace brother,you and Jay(Weinberg) are the reason I started playing drums hopefully I'll make it one day and carry your legacy as the next slipknot's drummer.Rip again our No.1…