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Posted by ghost78 | October 26, 2021


Does anyone know why we can’t purchase vip packages for the show on Phoenix ? It shows there still available but doesn’t let u buy

Posted by nancyv6 | October 25, 2021

Slipknot museum

Question… how can we buy tickets for the Slipknot Museum for the Banc of Californian concert … or are they still not out?? Thanks!!

Posted by becerra_1990 |


Does Ticketmaster or management for knotfest roadshow send more info on upcoming vip package that was purchased for the show?

Posted by Selena2869 | October 22, 2021

Negative covid test

For anyone who has gone to the previous shows, how are they verifying our negative tests? Do we need the print out? Or is our phones fine. And if we do have the print out, is the first page okay or do they want all pages?

Posted by sarpengindaltaban | October 19, 2021

Greetings from Turkey

I f.ckin deserve to scream "I DID MY TIME AND I WANOUT!" in Turkey. Sure everyone else here does. Come to Turkey you wont regret it.

Its been 10 years since your last performance right after Joey RIP.

Posted by lex21435 | October 14, 2021

Eternally #1

If you are going to the tour and are a true maggot, you should definitely visit the Slipknot Museum 🖤 You will not be disappointed

Posted by sava_maggot | October 13, 2021

Knotfest Membership Kit

After so many months waiting, I finally got my VIP kit! When the Knotfest Roadshow comes back to Toronto, I'll be ready! 🤘🏼💀🤘🏼

Posted by RobRulez | October 12, 2021

Vaccination BS at last minute

I bought my Knotfest tickets in the first months of 2020, then COVID-19 hit and ruined it for everyone. Shows were canceled everywhere. Live music came to a halt. But then, in 2021 they started selling concert tickets again and I bought Knotfest tickets again. Was so excited to finally see Slipknot again live instead of reliving past YouTube videos of concerts. Then October 2021 got here and LiveNation put this health screening to all the shows. I'm sorry, but I'm not sick, and haven't been sick. I've been to several different locations throughout the east coast and still haven't got sick. I know it's real, because I've had 2 family members that supposively has it but were in assisted living areas. So who really knows about this virus. The government has screwed us again with our president, now with our rights to freedom. I've spent thousands of dollars in my lifetime at concerts and never seen anything like a health screening venue. BS I call. I've asked LiveNation for a full refund and I'm disappointed that I can't go to Sunday's show in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to the China virus. Rock on my fellow Slipknot breathern and Godspeed.

Posted by slipknot23 |

pnc music

I will see slipknot in charlotte in 5 days

Posted by traumahound00 | October 11, 2021


So how have the lines and vendors been on the rest of the tour?

Posted by tysus78 | October 10, 2021


A 20th T-shirt I’ve been holding on to for a while and I decided to do something with it

Posted by ladydeathknot13 | October 5, 2021

Tampa Show – Covid Requirements

FYI for the Tampa show if you do not know, they are requiring a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination. Ugh

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