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Posted by davidkyle |

My Code is Not Working

I keep trying to buy, but it says, "The number of tickets selected exceeds the limit for this event."

I'm only selecting two tickets.

Posted by Bushwick |

Reading comments

I posted something but can’t read the comments.🤷🏾 Someone post the answer to this.

Posted by JaggerDaBombs |

wrong Promo code

I have a promo code for Arkansas, but I live in Rhode Island and need the promo code Mansfield MA. Can anyone help me. How do I fix this?

Posted by Bushwick |

Pre-Sale Codes

What’s up with these codes??? Has anyone got answers yet?

Posted by Shantayia321 |

Pre-Sale Code

Anyone else just get two codes? Can you explain?

Posted by moisesdaguat |

Promo codes

So, how does one access a pre sale code? I just became a member and paid for a subscription. There is nothing in my account profile. I am looking to attend the Arizona Festival.

Posted by gbsko |

Wrong Code!!!!

I only have Arkansas and Iowa promo codes, not for AZ which is where I live! What gives???

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Wrong persale code

I got the pre-sale code for Arkansaw but live closer to Dallas! How do I get a Dallas code?