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Posted by Darkranger | July 31, 2021

I remember the first time I saw him

I remember the first time I saw Joey. It was the first video released from their first album. I knew he was something special. I have loved him ever since. I didnt get to see him live and I wanted to. I followed him from murderdolls all the way to every band he was in. I will miss my dark angel but I know he is in a happier place. So fly my dark angel fly R.I.P. Joey. I'll never forget you.

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"I'm going to sign on the bone"

I met Joey during a meet and greet in I wanna say 13.. I won a raffle from the outside the 9.. if you ever had a meet and greet its very rare that you get all nine… well I always dress up like joey.. I cut my jumpsuit and have the high socks and all the bracelets. Well we go backstage and sid Mick and Craig were the ones we met.. after I met them our meet and greet escort came and told me,"Hey man when your done go over to the other side of the bus but be cool about it". So I walk over there and joey is standing there.. he looks at me and goes "hey man I seen you and I wanted to say hi and let you know how great you look. I was like wow thank you!!! He goes no! Thank you without fans like you I wouldn't be here!!. He looked at my arm and seen that I had the other guys sign my arm… he goes whats that.. I told him how im getting their autographs and I'm getting them tattooed on… he looks at me and goes " oh fuck… I'm signing right on your wrist bone that fucker is going to hurt!! So he signs my arm… and we hug again..the escort comes over and goes hey guys sorry to break this up but we gotta go… I will never forget you joey!! This cut will never heal…. but we'll find away when all hope is gone…

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forever in my heart

When I first saw a recording of a Slipknot concert at the age of 11, I was very imbued with the music and quickly became a fan. All my life I dreamed of seeing the guys at a concert, but I never had time to meet my favorite drummer. At first, I dreamed that Joey would return to the group, then I just wished him happiness from the bottom of my heart so that he would restore his health and create new music.
His image, dedication, and skill will inspire for a long time to come.
Thank you for being with us. We will miss you and keep the memory in our hearts …

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first heavy band

slipknot was the very first heavy metal band I had the pleasure to listen to at the age of 11. Their sound was something I had never heard of before and I was hooked instantly. Being the only girl in my grade back then to listen to them, I was constantly bullied for listening to them. "Oh, they're devil worshippers." , "They look weird." I didn't care. I didn't look at that aspect of them. All I knew then is that they were a cool rock band. Slipknot was there for kids like me. I felt better about being different. Joey was one of the ones that taught me that by watching his interviews constantly. Without Joey, there would be no Slipknot. His incredible talent on the drums was something I was always in awe over. We Maggot, will miss him dearly. I hope Joey is rocking up in the clouds with Paul now. MAGGOTS FOREVER!

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To Joey Jordison from Anastasiia B.

В 12 лет я познакомилась с творчеством Slipknot. Joey всегда привлекал мое внимание, его способность играть на ударных, его личные качества за пределами образа и сцены. Хоть моя стихия – это фортепиано, но я всегда почтительно относилась к людям, которые играют на ударных. Joey – мастер своего дела, несмотря на свой недуг, боролся до конца. Благодарность и уважение. Как жаль, что он так рано ушёл, и так не удалось с ним лично познакомиться и выразить свое почтение.
Just wanna pay respect to awesome drummer, Joey Jordison. Thank you for your contribution to music. Sincerely, Anastasiia B. from Russia.

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Mayhem 2010!

Mayhem of 2010, when Joey was playing for Zombie, my then gf, now wife, got to meet Both Joe and Joey of the Murderdolls. We got shirts signed by both of them, but little did Joey know that not only is Slipknot my favorite band, but they're permanently displayed on my arm, and I'm a drummer…playing Pearl and Paiste Rudes…self taught…this dude inspired me and everything I have become as a musician. Naturally I had get him to sign my arm. What fan wouldn't? I wanted to talk and ask so many things, but I was star struck and didn't say say much. I'm really glad that I was able to thank him for everything he has ever done and that I loved him. I know it's weird coming from a stranger probably, but I'm really glad I did. Only time I got to meet Joey. It was brief. We both smiled, shook hands, and said our few words! It was absolutely fucking (sic)! I love you guys! All of you! Please take care of yourselves and look out for each other! We're all in this together! Stay fucking (sic)

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Truly the best of all time.

Joey is my biggest inspiration to play the drums. i remember when i was kid in 2009, and first watched the video where his drums would rotate during his solo, that was the most insane thing i had ever seen. I also remember when i first listened to psychosocial and was so amazed by it. I aspire to be a great drummer like he was. Thank you, #1.

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my boufriend saw you live and you gave him your drumsticks

my boyfriend went to see slipknot when he was 8 and Corey Taylor brought him up on stage and Joey gave him his drumsticks. he had had them since and now he never shuts up about them.
i'm so happy he introduced me to them and i'm glad that he got to meet his heroes.

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You are my hero

"Iowa" opened a new world to me, the world of metal and you are one of my first metal heroes. Thank you for all the great memories and thank you for introduced me to metal.

RIP Joey

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Gone but not forgotten

Joey, you were incredible. Without you, Slipknot wouldn't be like who they are now
We miss you man
To fellow maggots – stay strong

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Never Forgotten!!

Belfast, 27th August 2002, my friend bought tickets to this new and upcoming, an apparently heavy and crazy band that was going to be in town… and well the original band lineup just blew us away, then again at Dublin 2004, and the rest is Slipknot history, memories have been created and those involved I hope one day realised the lives they have touched… RIP Joey…

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Missed stick

Never forget 15 years ago 1st slipknot show 17 yrs old partying way to hard was on my seat applauding best performance ever seen joey while taking a bow aimed his stick at me and tossed it my inibreated ass fumbled it guy behind me took it home that night went on to see him perform multiple times with slipknot korn and rob zombie over the years always regretting that fumble wanted to meet him shake his hand and thank him for the music he gave me and the world but i know 1 thing there is a hell of a percussion solo being played in heaven right now!! ROCK ON THE THE OTHER SIDE!!!!

Posted by Susie |

Reading Festival

I first heard your music in 1999 and saw you twice at Reading Festival. Thank you for the amazing experience of seeing you perform and the wonderful memories.

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Thank you Joey

I was maybe around age 14 and i had to pick my subjects for my GCSE years, having no music experience. I decided to pick music because i thought it would be easy and a laugh. I had to choose an instrument to "specalise" in so i chose drums on a whim. My drum tutor at school gave me some home work to find drummers that i enjoyed listening to. Again i had no experience of the metal world at this time and the internet wasnt really a thing. So i asked friends, my friend Kirky lent me Iowa. well that was it i fell in love with the band straight away and i decided from then i wanted to drum like Joey. My next drum lesson my tutor even noticed a change in attitude towards learing. Slipknot/Joey changed my entire perspective towards music. So 20 years on i am still a drummer and i owe that to Joey and for that i say thank you. You will be sorely missed though out the entire metal community.