SHITFEST 2021 - Knotfest
Posted by Moneyback | September 26, 2021


I also want my fucking money back. We parked in handicapped parking because my partner is disabled. After asking the nearest 5 event workers, nobody knew a fucking thing about where to go from there. So we walked. Slow, gruelling, walk up hills, etc. We drank the only bottle of water we were allowed before we got to the gat. Luckily I knew somebody at the box office, and she printed out our Tix and got us in. Then, the standing in line started. I can't fucking believe how unprepared, and unorganized this thing was. But seriously, how the fuck do we get a refund here? Also, I just joined so I could post this. I went to see GOJIRA! Fuck the knot.

  1. markiemcd says:

    It should be illegal to restrict water at a festival show.
    The show quickly turned into a survival situation upon entering the gates.

    Greed poor organization

    It’s a shame too because the bands and stage were amazing and this will get lost because it was a shitfest.

  2. pangea-cegmail-com says:

    I also want my money back and have no idea how to go about it. I’m so sorry for you and your partners experience. I was concerned for my health as well and ended up leaving before 8 pm bc i was just struggling so much. Let me know if you find something out!

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