Vendors, Food, and Water shortages - Knotfest
Posted by Bearetta | September 27, 2021

Vendors, Food, and Water shortages

I think everyone put on a good show. I just think it'd ridiculous that I had to watch 2 full sets standing in line. Since the lines were so long my fiance and I had to separate. She waited in the line for water for 2 hours and I waited in the BBQ line for 1 hour. Then they sold out and had to move to the corndog line where I got my order after another hour. They grossly under prepared and organized for 30,000 people. It's also ridiculous to limit the sale of water when at a festival medical is going to be worrying primarily for dehydrated people. The event coordinator almost facilitated their own issues. I thank the bands for putting on good shows, but it was hardly viewed and enjoyed the way it should have been.

  1. biggclown says:

    It was absolutely absurd. I had to go over to the medical tent to get a water for my wife as she was about to pass out. It was only then I was told there was a refill station at the opposite end of the venue, tucked behind the vendors. The Firefighter I asked for the water even said “don’t tell anyone but…” when giving me that information. It is ILLEGAL to withhold water from patrons in order to drive sales of canned water or any other refreshments. This situation was reminiscent of the first Woodstock, complete with shadow economy of Liquid Death being sold between patrons. I was so desperate at one point that I offered $20.00 for one can, which was understandably refused. Awful situation.

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