What Did We Learn? - Knotfest
Posted by traumahound00 | September 27, 2021

What Did We Learn?

The bands at Knotfest Iowa were great. The lines were HORRENDOUS. Stood in line over an hour just to get into the venue, so I missed Gatecreeper and Turnstile. Saw a bit of Knocked Loose, then stood in line for over an hour for pizza, so I got to listen to *not see* Fever 333 and Tech-N9ne. Sat on the lawn to watch Trivium and be thirsty, cuz the pizza vendor didn't sell any sort of drinks. Loved seeing Gojira and Lamb of God, but after that, I was exhausted from standing in lines for so long and lack of hydration, so I decided to head back to my hotel in Des Moines and I missed Megadeth and Slipknot.

I liked the shuttle service and thought it was a good idea *saved a ton on not having to use Uber to get from DM to Indianola and back* But the staff that was hired to handle getting people parked and into the venue were woefully unprepared and, quite frankly, sucked at their job. The severe lack of vendors at the event was the cause of the extremely long lines for food, drinks and merch. At future events, please bring in more than just a handful of vendors to serve 30,000 attendees. Also, I don't think the Indianola Balloon Field is a good venue for a rock/metal event such as this. The State Fairgrounds in DM would be a much better choice.

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