Where do I find the code for Germany? - Knotfest
Posted by marilyn38 | December 13, 2021

Where do I find the code for Germany?

These are the only events that show up with codes.
Why is Germany not part of it?
Anyone can shed some light on what to do, that would be great!
I have a paid membership.

  1. joch3nsen says:

    Hey guys, now I figured out the problem: The annual membership obviously doesn’t work for this promo code! You have to order a MONTHLY membership (6$)! I did so and a few seconds later I got the code!
    Strange anyway…

    1. marilyn38 says:

      Thank you!
      That worked. I owe you a beer!!!

      1. joch3nsen says:

        Okay let‘s drink some front of stage 😊🤘🏻

        1. marilyn38 says:

          More than happy to buy you a beer.
          If you are also at WOA, we can drink there too!

    2. horizon says:

      Does that mean I have to pay the 50 Dollar anual membership and an additional monthly membership to finally get my promo code? That sucks… I can’t cancel my membership until 13 of Dec. 22…please help me out 😎

  2. mario88 says:

    What is the price for one ticket?

    1. marilyn38 says:

      121 euro

  3. coppes says:

    Thanks, but what about those who have already booked the annual membership? If yoz read the details about this, there’s hardly any difference to the monthly subscription and both include Knotfest priority. How is ot that only the monthly subscribers seem to get their codes?

    1. marilyn38 says:

      Also not sure why this bug is in the system.
      But i had to book another membership to get the code like someone posted above.
      As i will be working tomorrow, i have no way to buy tickets until i’d get home in the evening..

      1. coppes says:

        Same here.🛠😊Thanks for helping out. Well, I’m gonna try this…that bug really sucks!

  4. warlord says:

    Wo kann ich den Code denn einlösen?

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