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Posted by Julius666 | December 13, 2021


Hey wehre I found the promo code , Oberhausen ?

Posted by tysus78 | October 10, 2021


A 20th T-shirt I’ve been holding on to for a while and I decided to do something with it

Posted by Markiemcd | September 29, 2021

Stay silent and anger grows

The more the band stays silent on the IoWA fiasco the more pissed I get . Fuck at least acknowledge you fucked up. I started listening to metal 40+ years ago and never seen a bad treat thief fans this way . Someone is asleep at the wheel – FUCK YOU SLIPKNOT! Never again- your making me question my whole involvement in the music business never seen a band so absent.

Posted by ghost78 | July 27, 2021

Knottest la

It just kicked me out till 10

Posted by Fediprasetyo | July 19, 2021



Posted by mrslipknot20 | July 12, 2021


You guys like my drawing lol

Posted by Gunerm016 | July 7, 2021

Merch bundle

Has anyone received there items yet? Says sending out June 15th and still nothing

Posted by kingmob55 | June 11, 2021


Clown, what's up? This forum is dead, but that doesn't matter. More room for me. Can you hear me?

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