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Posted by johnharmon | September 17, 2021

Hook up?

I'm coming to Knotfest Iowa from the Bay Area, not tryin' to smuggle party favors on the plane, who's got the hook up???

Posted by SandraTheTerrible | September 13, 2021

MA – may be looking for company 11th row package ticket

So I bought 2 tickets and my other person is going to NY Comicon. I don’t want to go with just anyone…need to have fun at this show and go with an actual fan (and get reimbursed for the $300 ticket!) Not to be weird, but I generally don’t get along with other females, so preferably a guy lol – but this isn’t a Craigslist hookup 🤣 I’d also like to message and get a vibe and such because I really really want to go with the right person, you know? I know this sounds weird, but I never realized the shortage of Slipknot fans in my friends 👿

Posted by Amoody | September 11, 2021

Birmingham Health Check

I have tickets for the Oakmountain show in October, but they now have a heath check label on my tickets. I can't locate what the requirements are for the event. Does anyone know if you have to show negative Covid test or vaccination card? Thanks in advance

Posted by cjcooper13 | September 2, 2021


Hey all. I was wondering if we would know in advance if the festival is gonna be canceled cause of covid or anything like that. I know cases are rising with the delta variant, so just curious.

Posted by Gpalacios95 | July 28, 2021

Clown Tier Tickets

Anybody know how to get a hold of the tickets to go whiskey tasting with clown? I can’t seem to find the code to unlock access to it. Thanks in advance

Posted by hudson | July 27, 2021

Knotfest Premium Member Pre-Sale Begins at 10am

Your code should work beginning at 10am

Tickets – https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0A005AECF6E33DC5

Get Your Code in Your Account:
Your unique Pre-Sale codes are now available on your member profile page.

To find your presale code:

Go to Knotfest.com/LosAngeles and log in to your Knotfest.com account (upper right corner of the screen)
Hover over your name and select “My Profile”
Click on the “Promo Codes” button
Copy and paste your Pre-Sale code, then head over to the
Knotfest.com/Los Angeles page for ticket links

Your presale code is good for up to four (4) tickets, based on availability.

Posted by satanicjohnny |

Code not working

Hey I’m trying to buy tickets for knotsfest la. Code is not working. Anyone know anything?

Posted by Pluto_66 |

New Member in need of help!!

I purchased vip tickets to Fl Knotfest without premium, does it change to premium now or would it stay a general admission ticket?? This is my first ever concert 😵‍💫🤯

Posted by Arazo |

Code Not Work (Possible Solution)

Another member of the forum brought up that the codes MAY work at 10am.
The email they received from KNOTFEST said that presales start at 10am… Thus, MAYBE there is a possibility that the codes will not be effective until 10am…. MAYBE… I tried to call Ticketmaster to see if they would know anything about this event… But, they just keep hanging up the lines.