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Posted by hudson |

Knotfest LA Interviews

In case you missed it, here's the backstage interview from Knotfest LA with Fever 333, Code Orange, Cherry Bombs, Vended

CHERRY BOMBS' Alicia Taylor on playing with fire and combatting her fear of heights-

CODE ORANGE's Jami Morgan talks playing a stadium show and lineup changes –

FEVER 333's Jason Aalon Butler on his visions, motivations and current projects –

VENDED's First Ever Video Interview: Discussing their rapid rise and creating their own sound –

Posted by theuncanny | November 8, 2021

Looking to purchase VIP package that was supposed to come with my ticket.

Hello there fellow Maggots. While attending the last stop of Knotfest in LA no one could tell me where to pick up my VIP package that came with my order. If anyone has an extra they wouldn’t mind selling please let me know. I had chosen a L sweatshirt. This was by far the best show I have ever experienced and it would be an absolute honor to have something to rock the memory till the end of my time. Please reach out and let me know. Much love 🤘 -B

Posted by the_damaged_good | November 6, 2021


Those 3 people that hosted the live seemingly had no knowledge of the the bands. Much of what they said was very hollow, shallow, ignorant and even idiotic. From comparing vended to miley cyrus to saying that they'll catch hepatitis from the props from MFKR. All that aside it was great to be part of such a great performance, from all the bands, all the way from the other side of the country. Definitely would do it again with hopes of better hosts.

Posted by Death668 |


You guys rock, thanks so much for the awesomeness! Stuck in gov quarantine in Queensland Australia and needed the madness…can’t wait to watch the gig over and over and over again for the next three days…🤘💋

Posted by Bri321 | November 1, 2021

Ticketmaster Code

Does anyone know how to get the Ticketmaster “all in” password for the LA show? Does anyone know what it is?

Posted by Slipknotkid24 | October 28, 2021

LA mandate for full Vaccination

Does anyone know if knotfest will be honoring Negative Covid tests due to LA pushing for full vaccination to enter events after November 4th?

Posted by juanglez95 | October 27, 2021

Meet & Greet ticket

Hello all, I have an extra meet & greet ticket for next week in LA. Selling for face value. Due to work, my brother can't get out on time. Please message me if interested here or
Thank you all!

Posted by nancyv6 | October 25, 2021

Slipknot museum

Question… how can we buy tickets for the Slipknot Museum for the Banc of Californian concert … or are they still not out?? Thanks!!

Posted by Selena2869 | October 22, 2021

Negative covid test

For anyone who has gone to the previous shows, how are they verifying our negative tests? Do we need the print out? Or is our phones fine. And if we do have the print out, is the first page okay or do they want all pages?

Posted by Gpalacios95 | July 28, 2021

Clown Tier Tickets

Anybody know how to get a hold of the tickets to go whiskey tasting with clown? I can’t seem to find the code to unlock access to it. Thanks in advance

Posted by hudson | July 27, 2021

Knotfest Premium Member Pre-Sale Begins at 10am

Your code should work beginning at 10am

Tickets –

Get Your Code in Your Account:
Your unique Pre-Sale codes are now available on your member profile page.

To find your presale code:

Go to and log in to your account (upper right corner of the screen)
Hover over your name and select “My Profile”
Click on the “Promo Codes” button
Copy and paste your Pre-Sale code, then head over to the Angeles page for ticket links

Your presale code is good for up to four (4) tickets, based on availability.

Posted by Arazo |

Code Not Work (Possible Solution)

Another member of the forum brought up that the codes MAY work at 10am.
The email they received from KNOTFEST said that presales start at 10am… Thus, MAYBE there is a possibility that the codes will not be effective until 10am…. MAYBE… I tried to call Ticketmaster to see if they would know anything about this event… But, they just keep hanging up the lines.

Posted by NiiChan |


Is there a limit to how many tickets we can get with our presale codes?

Because I have a tradition among my circle were every knotfest we go as a group and now that they announced Knotfest LA that was our goal so I am the designated ticket purchaser for our group since everyone is working. We don't want to break tradition since now the kids are going to for the first time.

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