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Posted by Dudejustsmokeit | September 29, 2021

An Slipknot stays silent?

It’s hard to believe that the band hasn’t issued a statement whatsoever Not their fault in anyway but I would like to think us maggots deserve to hear something from them after the debacle that was Knotfest Someone Anything would mean that try truly care I’m gathering they do not though as the silence is glaring This is coming from a lifelong maggot As much as I love and have bled for them over the years I question ever going to see them again

Posted by johnharmon |

I just got home from Knotfest Iowa…

yup, just flew in to San Francisco. I had a buncha flight issues, to AND from Iowa, so, including the disaster that took place, my whole trip was very challenging. But, I'll tell ya', all the bands crushed it (except Suicide Boys), there were beautiful people there and all in all I had a really fuggin' good time. I do agree that reparations are in order. Everyone there, invested much time and energy to make the pilgrimage to the homeland only to be starved under a broiling sun, deprived of hydration when we had are hopes up so high for a wondrous day. Sad…

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Absolutely terrible experience. My friend and I got there and had to immediately wait in the longest line I’ve ever seen just to enter the venue. I missed one of my fav bands bc we were waiting to just enter the venue. So I was already saddened by that. Then we got in and were so thirsty and hungry. So we entered the bar tent line where we waited THREE HOURS to buy a couple of beers. AND NO WATER. After that I was so malnourished I didn’t have energy to wait in line for food. I missed FOUR SETS by then. I was so upset and sick that I had to leave. So I traveled all this way to just be malnourished at the mercy of sh!tty event planners, wait in hours long lines and be sad I missed my fav bands perform. I had a migraine from being so dehydrated and hungry. I also watched 3 people get taken off by medics while we waited on line for so long. This was the biggest failure of event planning I’ve ever seen. Total disregard for human lives bc I felt like a herded animal with no way to take care of my health (with regards to food and drink)! I want my money back!

Posted by MuzzleFoot |

1400mile drive for lines?

First off I will say the bands did a fantastic job; performed better than I could’ve expected. The lineup was awesome, heard some bands play that I never knew existed before but they definitely gained a new fan after the other night. Regardless of the rest of what happened I’m still doing my best to convince myself this was all worth it (which I’d say it was to see my favorite band play in their homestate)
Drove 1400 miles (one way) from MA to this festival, spent well over a $1k (for each of the 3 of us that went)

Everything else…was a complete and utter clusterf*ck. The lines to get in were over a mile long; before the gates even opened…which was only a mere 50minutes before the first set started.
The lines for merch and beer were over an hour long, which is completely understandable and expected to happen at a festival of this size (over 30k people).
There was only 2 stands for water, soda and the like for everyone there…one of which ran out of everything after a few hours; which had lines going over 3hrs for some people
It would be one thing if you allowed people to bring waters in or empty refillable bottles to use at the (hidden and unmarked) refill stations but you didn’t
The lines for the food vendors got so long that most people couldn’t tell what line was for what vendor; and would end up waiting over 2hrs to find out either it was cash only, they ran out of food, or that they weren’t allowed to sell drinks or that they were in the wrong line the whole time.
You promised on the website that people with medical conditions would have access to the things they needed…I guess water isn’t one of them
People were dropping all over from lack of water from waiting in lines or searching for the few hidden spots to refill a bottle they had to sneak in
Leaving the place afterwards was horrendous as there was barely, if any at all, people working traffic. Some people were stuck there for 4hrs without moving
There was so much more that I’m forgetting

The staff did a great job with what they had to work with and what they were told beforehand; they definitely got the brunt of things especially after I heard they didn’t have access to anything like the rest of us either

All in all, the show was amazing but Mammoth and whoever else was responsible for the planning for this REALLY dropped the ball

Posted by traumahound00 |

What Did We Learn?

The bands at Knotfest Iowa were great. The lines were HORRENDOUS. Stood in line over an hour just to get into the venue, so I missed Gatecreeper and Turnstile. Saw a bit of Knocked Loose, then stood in line for over an hour for pizza, so I got to listen to *not see* Fever 333 and Tech-N9ne. Sat on the lawn to watch Trivium and be thirsty, cuz the pizza vendor didn't sell any sort of drinks. Loved seeing Gojira and Lamb of God, but after that, I was exhausted from standing in lines for so long and lack of hydration, so I decided to head back to my hotel in Des Moines and I missed Megadeth and Slipknot.

I liked the shuttle service and thought it was a good idea *saved a ton on not having to use Uber to get from DM to Indianola and back* But the staff that was hired to handle getting people parked and into the venue were woefully unprepared and, quite frankly, sucked at their job. The severe lack of vendors at the event was the cause of the extremely long lines for food, drinks and merch. At future events, please bring in more than just a handful of vendors to serve 30,000 attendees. Also, I don't think the Indianola Balloon Field is a good venue for a rock/metal event such as this. The State Fairgrounds in DM would be a much better choice.

Posted by Bearetta |

Vendors, Food, and Water shortages

I think everyone put on a good show. I just think it'd ridiculous that I had to watch 2 full sets standing in line. Since the lines were so long my fiance and I had to separate. She waited in the line for water for 2 hours and I waited in the BBQ line for 1 hour. Then they sold out and had to move to the corndog line where I got my order after another hour. They grossly under prepared and organized for 30,000 people. It's also ridiculous to limit the sale of water when at a festival medical is going to be worrying primarily for dehydrated people. The event coordinator almost facilitated their own issues. I thank the bands for putting on good shows, but it was hardly viewed and enjoyed the way it should have been.

Posted by ppickley |

liquid death water Sucks

This is the last time I got to a festival where liquid death water is the sponsor. They wouldn't let any of the other vendors sell water creating a horrible and dangerous situation. Standing in line for hours for water is ridiculous. I don't care if I have to stand for hours for beer. Water is a basic necessity. I'm glad all the bands rocked. Fever 333 was incredible.

Posted by Saffyre |


With the lack of water, food vendors running out and disorganized and hours long wait, then the EXTREME lack of traffic control trying to leave (we literally sat for 2+ hours before people started making their own routes out – people's cars dying, people giving up and crashing in their cars). Police dispatch said IDK, just wait. Desperate, we went to try to get water again and saw the workers moving the bins around looking for anything and then basically taking bids on it…disgusting. Watched personnel trying to get medical ATV/golf car through the crowd, yelling for people to move, no horn, no loudspeaker. So glad it wasn't on Sunday when the temps were much higher…people would have been serious injured or worse. Loved the bands, hated the venue/event staff. I think at least a partial refund should be warranted…take it from the venue, they blew hard, not the bands.

Posted by Rhysa | September 26, 2021


I stood in line for hours for water. Crowd pressing in as people were passing out and being carried away. I shit you not, there were 4 people selling water, one old woman barking orders at them and a lone guy standing back drinking water as the crowd begged, cried and chanted for relief. I have never been through so much for a show. I understand it got worse after I left (just after 4pm). I was too afraid for my health and safety to stay for the bigger drawing bands. This was an all ages nightmare. I expected more from the organizers. Epic fail! FIRST AND LAST KNOTFEST!

Posted by Marisa |

A possible future solution to waiting too long for water

Hello, I wasn't at this festival but I heard that the wait for water was extreme. I was thinking maybe next year the cost of one bottle of water could be included in the ticket. So you would show your ticket, walk in, and someone would hand you a bottle of water. There could be stations for additional water and other beverages, but that way everyone starts with some water. Thanks for listening!

Posted by s0graphic |


Almost 4 fucking hours in line for water!! Missed all but last few from gojira-one that weighed heavily in driving 6 hours to see.
What’s with the lack of locations for water and who’s responsible for hiring fucktards to work the 2??? I’m still raging. I bought a fucking case for $96!!!

Posted by Moneyback |


I also want my fucking money back. We parked in handicapped parking because my partner is disabled. After asking the nearest 5 event workers, nobody knew a fucking thing about where to go from there. So we walked. Slow, gruelling, walk up hills, etc. We drank the only bottle of water we were allowed before we got to the gat. Luckily I knew somebody at the box office, and she printed out our Tix and got us in. Then, the standing in line started. I can't fucking believe how unprepared, and unorganized this thing was. But seriously, how the fuck do we get a refund here? Also, I just joined so I could post this. I went to see GOJIRA! Fuck the knot.

Posted by Psychoj | September 25, 2021

Need ride

Can anyone help me get to Iowa from Omaha

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