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Posted by Jimiwilliams1 | September 24, 2021

Museum reservations?

Anybody else having issues getting a reserved trip through the museum?

Posted by Gearbrnr |

Covid Quarantine

Curious if a refund is possible for Indianola show? I got Covid a week ago and will still need to be quarantined unfortunately. Hate to not see the bands AND miss out on 200 bucks since I haven't been paid since off work.

Posted by markiewicz | September 22, 2021

Ultimate VIP tickets

Hey maggots, due to a Covid exposure recently and the beginning of signs/symptoms I’m at a loss as to what to do with my tickets for this Saturday. I love this band and the chance to meet them would be amazing, but if I’m sick there is no way I’d look to expose anyone else.
I bought the insurance on the tickets, but according to the rep Covid isn’t coved.
Ticketmaster won’t let me post the tickets for sale cause of the meet and greet with the band. But I can transfer them through Ticketmaster.
Help me out maggots… I’m just devastated but I know this is something I need to do.
Any thoughts?

Posted by MetsovoLung |

Shuttle times?

Anyone know how frequently the shuttles will be running? Pic for attention

Posted by BerserkerNick | September 20, 2021


Does anyone know if we'll have to show a negative covid test to get into knotfest?

Posted by 15tlochner |

VIP Info

Looking for the VIP package info (I.e. meeting time, whether we can bring merch back to the cars, etc.).

Posted by cjcooper13 | September 2, 2021


Hey all. I was wondering if we would know in advance if the festival is gonna be canceled cause of covid or anything like that. I know cases are rising with the delta variant, so just curious.

Posted by fmd3m0n | July 22, 2021


i was wondering if backpacks would be allowed into the festival

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