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Posted by bmadden | July 9, 2021

Shuttles to Knotfest

Anyone know if there will be shuttle buses going from Des Moines to the grounds so we don't have to drive from our hotel? If so, do you know the pickup locations?

Posted by edwardstone | July 4, 2021


still dont have my presale tickets. should have come in the mail by now since I ordered them the second day presale was avalible

Posted by davidkyle | June 9, 2021

Where to stay in Des Moines for Knotfest?

The site information site doesn't really have much info in regards to logistics. I'll be in town that Thursday – Monday, so not trying to stay in Indianola that entire time. From the research I've done, Prairie Meadows Casino seems like a fun option. Right by US-65 which goes down to Indianola.

Anyone have opinions on this, or other recommendations I should be considering?

Posted by hrojas10 | June 4, 2021

VIP Packages are not on sale thru Ticketmaster

Hello everyone!
Good morning, I hope you are all doing great.
According to the ticketmaster site, the VIP Packages sale was supposed to start today at 10:00 CDT, I have been trying to get a pair of VIP tickets but there is nothing available.

Posted by kezdeath |

vip packages

not sure if reselling vip packages is allowed but if we can and anyone is looking into reselling, i am down to buy 👍 1-2!

Posted by mAxius | June 3, 2021

Seats for non-VIP or Resale VIP

As a dialysis patient, I have to do my best to protect my left arm where my dialysis fistula access is. What is the lay of the land at the knotfest site and is there any seating for non-vip. I was hoping to get the meet and greet but due to health situations beyond my control yay bacterial pneumonia I completely missed the presale dates

Posted by Targul |

Premium Membership- No Codes Work

None of my Codes work to get in on pre-sale. I can see the tickets but keep getting "code entered is incorrect" error. I've tried each one I have access to. Any ideas?

Posted by Jessica Hermann | June 1, 2021

Are bags/purses allowed in ?

I'm planning on buying a ton of merchandise, am I allowed to bring in a bag or purse to this ?

Posted by wmckinnon44 |

Last years tickets

Sorry if this has been asked already, but does anyone know if they're going to honor tickets tickets that were already purchased for last years tour? Thanks for any info

Posted by Hbourdage | May 31, 2021


I found a Spotify playlist made by David Hughes that I've enjoyed listening to the past several days and wanted to share it with you all!

Posted by cjcooper13 | May 29, 2021

First Knotfest

Ok so this question might be a little bit dumb. But I'm bringing my 13 year old with so I want to be prepared. Will there be vendors there for food and junk?

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