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Posted by Ajcmom211307 | June 12, 2021

Tinley park show

My fiance and I are getting married 9/25, were coming back from our mini moon on 9/28 for the show. We want to send him an invitation, where can I send it?

Posted by muchigon | June 4, 2021

So much for the presale code working

It seems like that everyone has trouble with the presale code not working, most if not all pit tickets went to ticket scalpers, its some bs

Posted by Main011649 |

Pre-Sale Code not working

I am trying to purchase a vip package with a pre-sale code (i have a monthly subscription just to get it) and its saying invalid code????? I have tried multiple times and even on multiple devices…

Posted by davidkyle |

Disappointed with the Inconsistency

I'm annoyed how the policies seem to change from venue to venue. I want to go to Atlanta and Charlotte. I was able to get pit tickets at Atlanta during the presale, and they were readily available pretty much during the entire presale. Not so much for Charlotte. Only the VIP package was available for pit tickets. I'm doing ultimate VIP for Iowa, so not really interested in these other experiences.

It also appears that resale is not allowed for Atlanta, but is allowed for Charlotte. Half of the best seats that got scooped up during presale for Charlotte are now "verified resale" tickets. So so disappointed.

Posted by CindyMFPeerman |

Pre Sale Code Wont Work

I too, signed up for premium membership for the presale code and it keeps telling me it's incorrect. HELP

Posted by Liveinsicness | June 3, 2021


Any idea why the codes are not working still?

Posted by Kbohart | June 2, 2021

Can you transfer VIP packages?

Can the VIP packages be transferred with the tickets if given away or sold? Ended up with 2 sets of vip in the group and I just need to know what I'm able to share with another fan and what I'm eating. Thanks!

Posted by GMoney72 |

Echo echo echo

I am echoing all of the posts I am reading. I ran out and signed up for the $99 subscription so I could by tickets to the AZ show. But no promo code and nothing on sale for that show??? What gives?

Posted by drkmlht2 |

Wrong city

Presale code was for the wrong city…help?

Posted by Vermilion2277 |


I signed up for the Premium $99 membership with $50 annual renew and it did not give me a promo code to buy the tickets for the roadshow in Phoenix AZ on 11/02/2021. How do I get my promo code?

Posted by killswitch921 |

Outside the 9 code

How do I unlock the Outside the 9 seats? My code unlocked all the VIP stuff.

Posted by snot4452 |


Anyone know how to get OT9 unlocked so i can just purchase pit tickets? Only lets me purchase VIP

Posted by spiegs13 |

Tinley Park Code

There are no presale codes for the Tinley Park show in my profile. Tickets just went on sale. Where is it???

Posted by jman42028 |


only 2 codes, for the wrong cities, trying to buy 4 vip packages…paid the $$ for presale…cmon tech people get your shit together and get this fixed