Gojira debut official video for “The Chant”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on April 26, 2021

The fifth and final single anchors one of the most anticipated heavy releases of 2021 and punctuates the band’s continued ‘Amazonia’ charity initiative which has now surpassed $250,000 towards the cultural and environmental reservation of The Amazon.

Release week for one of heavy music’s most anticipated releases of 2021 has finally arrived and to celebrate Gojira’s seventh full-length effort, the band has debuted the official music video for their fifth and final cut from the album.

“The Chant” serves as what the band has referred to as a “healing ritual” on the album, a masterful cross-section spiritual hymn and impactful heaviness brimming with the kind of harmony that sets Gojira apart from the pack. Commenting on the intended effects of the emotive track, Gorjia’s Joe Duplantier further explained “The Chant” by sharing, “Let this chant ring in your bones and lift you up.”

The latest offering from ‘Fortitude’ follows the impressive charge of a succession of singles that include, “Another World,” “Born For One Thing,” “Amazonia,” and “Into The Storm,” showcasing a dynamically versatile offering that further underscores Gojira’s rank in the hierarchy of heavy music.

In addition to the rollout for the album, the band has used their platform as a call to action for reform with regards to the cultural and environmental pillage that is happening in The Amazon. Launching their ‘Amazonia’ initiative, the band linked with indigenous owned NGO The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) who advocate for environmental and cultural rights of indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Curating a charity auction featuring donated collectibles from the likes of Slash, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Randy Blythe from Lamb of God and many many more, the fundraising campaign has surpassed some $250,000 towards to APIB.

The ‘Amazonia’ effort falls in line with the overall thematic weight of ‘Fortitude,’ laying down a call to action in a metal album that sees Gojira using their platform to generate global awareness of the crisis happening at one of earth’s greatest wonders. The album and the accompanying charity campaign showcases Gojira hitting both their stylistic and substantive stride, asserting that ‘Fortitude’ is far more than just hype.

The final round of bidding for the ‘Amazonia’ charity auction closes April 29th at 3PM PST/11PM GMT. Fans can view the auction items – HERE.

‘Fortitude’ is now available via Roadrunner Records – HERE. Stream the official video “The Chant” below.

1.  “Born For One Thing”
2.  “Amazonia”
3.  “Another World”
4.  “Hold On”
5.  “New Found”
6.  “Fortitude”
7.  “The Chant”
8. “Sphinx”
9. “Into The Storm”
10. “The Trails”
11. “Grind”