Hacktivist announces new album ‘Hyperdialect’ and stares first single “Planet Zero”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on March 25, 2021

UK grime-metal specialists set June 18th as the date for their triumphant return on UNFD.

UK grime metal technicians Hacktivist have confirmed a June 18th release date for their highly anticipated return in forthcoming full length, Hyperdialect.

The process of the band’s latest effort actually began back in 2019, manifested in a pair of formidable singles in “Reprogram” and “Dogs of War“. Refining their meld of instrumental potency and lyrical delivery, the band seemed to solidify their cohesive vision in 2020 with the release of Kid Bookie-assisted, “Armoured Core“.

Rounded out by the collaborative team of Jot Maxi and J. Hurley as a dynamic vocal tandem, percussion specialists Rich Hawking, and bassist Josh Gurner, and guitarist and the band’s production hand in James Hewitt, the self-contained outfit is intent on beginning a new chapter in their career as one of the genre’s most exciting and compelling contributors.

Showing a true reverence for their craft, the band approaches the themes of their music with the same meticulousness in which they arrange their music. The angst at the root of ‘Hyperdialect’ is derived from the kind of real life observations of a spiraling world that prompt a cause for concern and more importantly, a call to action in song.

The band’s Jot Maxi explains the relevance of the record. “There are so many things wrong with the way humanity is. We’re self-destructive and everybody knows it. It’s in a lot of films, especially in science fiction. But that dark future is no longer fiction and it’s very clear that we’re on a downwards path. If I buy a bottle of something to drink, it’s going to be sold in plastic and I’m going to feel guilt about that. Take a look at any city around the world – there’s so much opulence and grandeur on show, but look closely enough and you’ll find people living on the streets, homeless. Where is this going? There are islands of plastic bottles in the sea now, but we only have this one planet. It’s mad. It’s all tilting downwards, and into the mouth’s of the rich.”

In the spirit of self-examination that permeates throughout the album, the themes of devastation and dystopia also come with a sense of optimism that punctuates the growing problem. “It’s becoming clear that we are on the brink of some type of revolution,” asserts Jot Maxi, . Hacktivist are here to bring truth and positivity – the silver lining of a society clouded in poisonous fear. Hacktivist also represents a voice that isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said. We’re already living in the future. We have the choice to either be shaped by it or to stand up and shape it ourselves. Which path will you take?” 

For the latest glimpse into the creative scope of ‘Hyperdialect,’ ‘Planet Zero expands on the band’s urgent pleas for awareness, reform, and accountably. Rather relying on the catharsis in complaining about the current societal collapse, the band aims to dissect it and ultimately prompt action to mitigate it.

Watch the apocalyptic visual from “Planet Zero” from Hacktivist below. ‘Hyperdialect’ arrives June 18th on UNFD and can be pre-ordered HERE

1. Anti Emcees
2. Luminosity
3. Lifeform
4. Armoured Core (ft. Kid Bookie)
5. Turning Tables
6. Currency
7. Hyperdialect (ft. Aaron Matts)
8. Dogs Of War
9. Ultima Dies
10. Planet Zero
11. How Dare You Exist
12. Reprogram