Hacktivist release “Armoured Core” with Kid Bookie and confirm new album for 2021

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 20, 2020

UK’s grime-metal outfit Hacktivist have debuted their latest single, “Armoured Core,” featuring praised lyricist Kid Bookie as the first glimpse of the band’s forthcoming album slated for a 2021 release.

The release follows the band’s recent appearance in the Pulse of the Maggots Festival (Hacktivist’s set is at the 1:50:00 minute mark). The curated showcase of emerging artists streamed live via the KNOTFEST.com platform and featured a blistering set from the UK prospects that are now charging ahead as a potent five-piece outfit.

As for the track, co-vocalist J Hurley offered the following,  “It’s like a shield against anyone attacking us. Anyone can say anything they want, but you can’t get through the armoured core! Talk shit if you want, but it ain’t gonna affect us. I listen to a lot of other rappers and I know that my lyrics are strong. I know that no one can fuck with this.”

Hurley’s vocal counterpart Jot Maxi explained the personal nature of the single. “With what we’ve been through, a lot of other bands might have broken up, but we’re back with this new record and a new dynamic, which even I think is great and I’m super self-critical. As long as you’re alive and still breathing, your core is armoured and protected by something. This song is a reminder to stay strong.” 

The track’s guest in Kid Bookie added his thoughts on the collaboration. “Glad to be working with the boys, man! When you have an eclectic bunch pushing a sound I love forward, why the FUCK would I never want to share some sonic space with a bunch of beautiful, sexy, iconic men?! Fuck the free world, HACKTIVIST up in this bitch.”

Since the band’s potent 2016 debut, Outside the Box, Hacktivist has cultivated a cult-like following with their mesh of socially-aware aggression combined with a genre-bending take on metalcore. A combination of vocal prowess and metallic heft position the band as a promising contributor to the evolution of the genre by blurring the lines between them.

Watch the latest video for “Armoured Core” from Hacktivist featuring Kid Bookie below.