In Flames “Stay With Me” video is a love letter to live music

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 19, 2020

The Gothenburg greats launch their #UnitedWeWillMosh campaign with a visual that underscores the sorely-missed rush of the concert experience.

In Flames have began an initiative called #UnitedWeWillMosh with the release of a new music video for the closing track of their 2019 album, I, The Mask.

The visual for “Stay With Me” is a brilliantly edited collection of concert footage that places an emphasis on the shared, and sorely-missed live music experience. From the fans to the band and crew, the unique music video offers a particularly touching sentiment to a part of life that is so universal and certainly feels taken fo granted now that it is gone.

The release serves as the catalyst for the band’s charity campaign intended to raise money and awareness for a slue of organizations all working to ensure live events can continue again in the post pandemic-era.

Working with Save Our Stages (U.S.), Let The Music Play (U.K.), Stagehand (U.K.), Red Alert (D.E.), and Save Live Events Now (U.S.), In Flames are encouraging fans to make donations to the organizations and their ongoing efforts to support gig workers, venues, and the entire network of people that work and earn in the realm of live music.

In Flames are also offering a #UnitedWeWillMosh t-shirt in which all of the proceeds will be donated to the band’s long time road crew while live music continues on it’s indefinite hiatus. The shirt is available via the band’s webstore.

Watch the moving video for “Stay With Me” from In Flames